Video teaching ‘Does 1 Peter 2:24 mean that Christians are physically – medically healed??’, by Bill Rhetts

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This video is in response to a ‘get well card’ that I received at the Post Office. This well-intended person stated in writing, that according to 1 Peter 2:24, my defected heart should have been healed. Therefore in response, I did an exegetical teaching on what this verse actually means.

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Video excerpt on ‘Knowing God both intimately and intellectually’ – yes doctrines matter but…, by Dr. Mike Morrow

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This is a powerful sermon excerpt. As I’ve said many times before, an intellectual belief is not salvific.

Dr. Morrow asks that important question. “Do you know God both intimately and intellectually? Jesus Christ didn’t die just to give you doctrine and insights into the nature of God; He died to bring us to God Himself. That is, for us to know the Lord intimately.”

Though studying, understanding, knowing and applying the doctrines of grace (and other doctrines), are important for Christian growth. I have met some doctrinarians that were ‘dead’ like the Church of Sardis (Rev 3:1-6), or ‘lukewarm’ like the church of Laodicea (Rev 3:14-22), or ‘unloving’ like the church of Ephesus (Rev 2:1-8).

As Charles Leiter said, “I remember a time years ago, when I was around a group of guys who were all solid in doctrine, and as cold as can be.” He then added, “I remember writing in one of my notebooks, Oh God put me with men of a burning heart, not cold, carnal, doctrinarians.”

Furthermore, it is important that pastors (and Christians) first point their fingers at their own problems within their own camp, before pointing fingers at others outside their camp (Matthew 7:1-6). Impartiality, and objectiveness are necessary ingredients to truth.

May God rest Dr. Morrow’s soul.

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A must see compilation of bold exhortations by three preachers

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This is serious business, it’s no time to play, and it’s time to go to war. The preachers are Paul Washer, John MacArthur, and mostly Carter Colon.

No matter how solid our doctrines may be in our churches. If we have not zeal, passion, and boldness. If we’re not the salt and light on the hill throughout our own community, then perhaps we are the church of Sardis, or Laodicea.

As Charles Leiter said, “I remember a time years ago, when I was around a group of guys who were all solid in doctrine, and as cold as can be.” He then added, “I remember writing in one of my notebooks, Oh God put me with men of a burning heart, not cold, carnal, doctrinarians.”

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Video enjoying Gods creation, then ‘The Final Battle’ hill climb (off roading)

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Since my Cardiologist says that I can drive again. Today my first ministry, my wife and I enjoyed driving through fields and hills covered with spring-time flowers. It’s unusual for the Inland Empire, but they were lush with green grass, and Golden Poppies (thank God for our heavy winter rains). Though they are not depicted in this video, we did capture other highlights.

My wife observed a large rattlesnake and alerted me. By the time I got my camera out of the case, and booted-up, the snake hurried was back into the bushes (darn). It was a very large Red Diamond Rattlesnake (RDR). So you’ll know what they look like, I did upload a smaller RDR from the internet.

This place had lots of beautifully shaped large rocks, but sadly the unregenerate vandalized them with graffiti. We also saw Burro’s, and even an Eagles nest. However on the way out, I couldn’t resist taking-on at least one hill. I named it “The Final Battle.” Watch our Jeep flex up this obstacle. All I had to do was sit and relax, and the Jeep did all the work.

Music “Thor the Dark World,’ by Brian Tyler.

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Protected: My video on ‘Satan silences and deceives many, regarding homosexual and heterosexual sins’

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

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Streets preachers from the USA, preach in Israel until an armed soldier stop them

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These brothers from America preach until an Israeli officer with a fully automatic weapon takes them away. I’ve had the privilege to preach with one of them here in the USA.

I cringe at the thought of the MILLIONS and MILLIONS of dollars that churches within America raise each year, so that their sheep can go to Israel for nothing more than a learning experience, a paid vacation, and/or a gloried field trip. To do so without primarily sharing the Gospel, is self-serving and gratuitous. But the Bible does command Christians to go out and preach His glorious Gospel, and to even be willing to lay down their life for the cause of Christ.

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Video of street preacher Michael Overd being arrested

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Street preacher Michael Overd’s attorney released this video of his arrest. One of the crimes Michael was accused of, is “anti-social behavior.”

You’re darn right Biblical Christianity and/or Biblical evangelism will be anti-social. Also arrested during this incident, were two other Christians (one from America), pray for them all.

“Yes, and all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution” (2 Tim 3:12).

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Video teachings of the Epistle of Jude, by Bill Rhetts

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In this expositional teaching of the Epistle of Jude, I do a verse by verse – exegetical teaching through the Scriptures. ~ Bill Rhetts

The Epistle of Jude (Intro & verses 1-2) 

Jude vs 3-4
A video teaching on ‘Contending for the Faith – Gods Way’ (Jude 1:3-4, plus two examples & a music finale).

What does it mean to Biblically ‘contend for the faith,’ and how do we do it? I also included two video excerpts of two different men preaching. One is a good Biblical example for contending for the faith, and the other a bad example (a local pastor). I also spoke about the masculinity crisis, and spiritually neutered men.

Jude vs 5-7
Naturally this sermon will be controversial to the worldlings, but unnaturally it will be controversial to postmodern emergent Christendom.

This sermon includes but is not limited to:

  • A reminder of the Israelites, and a grave warning (applicable to North America)
  • How God imprisoned angelic beings on a Theological death-row
  • How the Israelites and fallen angels rebelled against God
  • How God reminds us of the sexual sins of Sodom and Gomorrah, and the soon-coming eternal destruction and demise of those who practice these wicked sins
  • How many ‘professing’ Christians have sinfully embraced homosexuality
  • A video excerpt of a Muslim news anchor, rightfully criticizing Americas cowardly pseudō-Christianity
  • What it means to ‘believe’ Biblically
  • The Second Coming of Christ
  • The homosexual agenda (and how one of their movements desire little boys)
  • The demise of our U.S. Supreme Court Justices
  • An apostasy through tolerance
  • A call to examine ourselves
  • A call to repentance
  • A graphic description of hell.

Jude vs 8
In this study through Jude, this teaching includes the following (including but not limited to) ~

  • How myself and other Christians recently applied and demonstrated this Epistle at a parade
  • Warnings of the “dreamers”
  • Warnings of those that “defile the flesh”
  • Warnings of those that “reject authority”
  • Warnings of those that “blaspheme the glorious ones”
  • Different scholars different interpretations (no problem)
  • A video of some well-known and well followed Christians engaging in what appears to be what Jude warns about
  • More Greek translations and their applications
  • Church authority, and a lack of respect for her
  • Other authorities ordained by God
  • Egalitarianism and gender confusion within Christianity.

Jude vs 9-16
In this study through Jude, this teaching includes the following (including but not limited to) ~

  • Contending with the Devil?
  • Michael the archangel
  • The Woe warnings and judgments
  • Jude’s warnings of…
  • Jude’s character assassination of…
  • These men are animals, dead trees, clouds, and murders, Etc.
  • The dangers of the ocean / spiritual shipwrecks
  • Applying this Text.

Jude vs 17-23
In this study through Jude, this teaching includes the following (including but not limited to) ~

  • The predictions of the Apostles
  • The Jude-2 Peter ‘parallel passages’
  • Comparing law enforcements ‘escalation of force’ to verses 22-23
  • More on scoffers & mockers
  • The High school student that once mocked me
  • A command to be holy, to be separated from the world
  • Warnings of worldliness
  • False converts
  • Being balanced in Theology, by being both ‘negative & positive’
  • Being holy
  • Salvation via the Godhead
  • Gods Holy hatred, and what to hate
  • Abortion mills, XXX book stores & and strip clubs (snatching them out of the fire)
  • Getting our garments stained (the right way & wrong way)
  • Warnings of unbiblical evangelism
  • The enemies of God
  • A Biblical love, vs a demonic slope agapé.

Jude vs 24-25
In this study through Jude, this teaching includes the following (including but not limited to) ~

  • Jude’s Doxology, GREAT for encouraging Christians in hospice, or near to death
  • A Christians primary purpose (what God expects from us, yes even with my four Chihuahuas
  • Lots of Greek translations
  • The doctrines of predestination, justification & glorification
  • Warnings of Antinomianism
  • Christians are commanded to obey…
  • Warnings of acceptance Gospel (and unbiblical soteriologies)
  • The Lord on Repentance
  • A presentation of both the Law & Gospel.

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My video ‘To resuscitate or not resuscitate’ (an update on my heart failure – next procedure)

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Note: I fully understand that God is Sovereign King over all things, and none of us have the ability to stay alive (nor die) if it is not the Lords will.

“Do not resuscitate (DNR), also known as no code or allow natural death, is a legal order written either in the hospital or on a legal form to withhold cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) or advanced cardiac life support (ACLS), in respect of the wishes of a patient in case their heart were to stop or they were to stop breathing. “No code” is a reference to the use of “code” as jargon for “calling in a Code Blue” to alert a hospital’s resuscitation team. The DNR request is usually made by the patient or health care power of attorney and allows the medical teams taking care of them to respect their wishes. In the health care community, allow natural death (AND) is a term that is quickly gaining favor as it focuses on what is being done, not what is being avoided. [citation needed] Some criticize the term “do not resuscitate” because it sounds as if something important is being withheld, while research shows that only about 5% of patients who require CPR outside the hospital and only 15% of patients who require CPR while in the hospital survive. Patients who are elderly, are living in nursing homes, have multiple medical problems, or who have advanced cancer are much less likely to survive.” [1]

[1] Wikipedia, Do not resuscitate (Accessed on March 13th, 2017)


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Videos of men from the Shepherds’ Conference open-air preaching each day, before or after the conference

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One of the pastors in these videos invited me to join them at this conference. But due to unexpected hospitalization co-pays, medical office co-pays, prescription medicine co-pays, and adjudicating two separate ambulance bills; this was out of my budget. 🙁 However I am very thankful that I’m only paying co-pays, and not the entire bills. 🙂

Nonetheless, it is a blessing to see so many pastors / leaders herald the Gospel in the open-air each day of the conference. Christians – God did not call us to merely sit in our pews. He did not call us to only go to church, He called us to be the church.

From Beaverton Grace Bible Church ~

“Pastors, evangelists, and laymen from across the country and around the world (California, Idaho, Iowa, Oregon, Texas, Washington, Australia, & India) united together to put Gospel shod feet on the streets of Hollywood in celebration of and commitment to the “We preach Christ!” theme of the 2017 Shepherds’ Conference. For the glory of God and the souls of men, Christ was preached on Hollywood Blvd. Friday night and the Saturday morning after the conference! Seasoned Gospel veterans were alongside men who were stepping out in faith for the first time. Iron sharpened iron. Men were stretched and challenged. A pastor preached the Gospel in the open air for the first time. Two godly laymen preached Christ publicly for the very first time. Many men found their evangelistic voice through Gospel conversations. Thousands of Gospel tracts went forth. Sweet fellowship was enjoyed by all under the yoke of Christ’s Great Commission as we labored together in the Lord’s field of harvest. What’s even better than sitting under Solus Christus glory at Shepherds’ Conference all week long? Sitting under the preaching of Solus Christus glory all week long soaking up some of the finest and most edifying preaching on the planet, and then preaching Solus Christus glory to precious souls on Hollywood Blvd. Friday night and Saturday morning. Join us next year for the evangelistic icing on the Shepherds’ Conference cake :)”

Shepherds’ Conference Evangelism  – North Hollywood Metro Station

Shepherds’ Conference Evangelism -Hollywood Blvd

Shepherds’ Conference Abortion Clinic Evangelism

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Video evangelizing the Veterans Hospital

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This is not my preferred method of evangelism, but for a season.

On this day I spoke with many people coming in and out of the VA Hospital, as well as some passerby’s.

Here’s a portion of a much larger labor of love.

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Video following Hit & Run suspects in their vehicle – loving my neighbor from the womb to the tomb

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The second greatest commandment is to love my neighbor as I would myself. From the womb to the tomb.

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