Video evangelizing a 93-year-old WWII War Veteran, he says “I’ve killed a lot of people”

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WWII veteran death rate stats

I didn’t have much time with this fellow, but I pray this was enough of the ‘truth in love.’ But thanks be to God, he has one of my tracts. The Bible makes it very clear that the natural man cannot understand, unless the Lord draws him to Himself. Please pray for this dear old war veteran’s salvation. I also including a tribute to this him. – Bill 🙂

Below is the details of the included video tribute.

“B24 Bomber Shot Down – Amazing Footage. Cameras capture the incredible moment when a B24 Bomber plane is hit and crashing in flames. This plane was nicknamed “Brief”. Serial Number 44-42058. It had taken off from Angaur Airfield, flying on a bombing mission against anti-aircraft installations on Koror, Palau Islands. Whilst over Koror, the B-24 was hit by anti-aircraft fire . The fuselage fell in a flat spiral until it crashed. 10 crew members were on bored. 9 were killed in the crash except the Navigator, 2nd Lt Wallace F. Kaufman. He was captured by the Japanese and executed.” – War Archives

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Paul Washer on Preachers (a short video)

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Amen some good words from Washer.

May I add that for a healthy sermon, it takes approximately 10-hours of preparation for one 40-minute sermon. If the same Pastor (or whoever) is teaching twice on Sundays, and once on Wednesday nights; that is about 30-hours of required study time they will need every week. If they are not laboring hard in their sermons, their sermons and congregation will suffer. That’s why we must pray often for our Bible teachers. – Bill

“I think the most awesome task tonight is not to be the president of the United States, or a king of an empire. But to be a man who stands [preaches] between a living God and a dying people.” Leonard Ravenhill

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Video warning about ‘HARRY POTTER – Witchcraft repackaged, making evil look innocent

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Sheepdog alert: Recently at a venue that I will not disclose, I heard a Christian speaker give a plug for Harry Potter books (as he held two Harry Potter books in the air). He did this while boasting that his own children have read them in two different languages.

Church, Christians, brethren – Harry Potter is full of the occult, witchcraft, necromancers etc. Any acceptance or tolerance of these books is an affront to a Holy God. If you have already partaken in these books. Repent, confess that sin to Christ; and throw them in the trash where they belong. – Bill

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A must see speech on ‘Christians and Trump,’ by Erick Erickson

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Notice how Erickson used much wisdom to not tell others who they must vote for. Nor does he hypocritically only call out the sins, corruption, and alleged sexual immoralities of the ‘other’ candidate. Nor does he engage in the immature name calling that I am seeing on social media. And this only scratches the surface of Trumps consistent sinful lifestyle.

For our other post on Trump and Clinton, click here.

UPDATE 09-21-16: Following this speech Erickson wrote a must read article entitled ‘Reconsidering My Opposition to Trump.’

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Video excursion of the ‘Afton Canyon aka The Grand Canyon of the Mohave Desert (an off road exploration)

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lori-on-the-mohave-river-crossingOn this beautiful day that the Lord had made, my ‘first ministry’ (my wife) and I enjoyed an off road excursion through Afton Canyon. Though it was not our primary purpose this day, we were able to pass out some Gospel tracts as well.

He who dies with the most toys still dies. But he who dies with CHRIST wins.

Music ‘A horse with no name,’ by America (decent Rock n Roll from 1971.)

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A must see video message on ‘Authentic Christianity,’ by Michael Durham

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Today we see the growing trend of professing Christians assimilating to their culture, even to sinful lifestyles; in hopes that they would be accepted by the world. They claim to do this so that “They’ll Jesus inside me” etcetera etcetera. Oh how blasphemous, and man-centered that unbiblical nonsense is.

As pastor Michael Durham said –

“And if you are faithful to the message of Jesus Christ, you will not be accepted by your culture. It is a sad thing that so many of us, believe that if we could just gain the acceptance of the people we’re trying to reach, to get them to like us, to respect us, Well then we could give them the Gospel. My friends that is a dangerous path that leads to nowhere. It has never worked in the past, and it shall never work in the future. You must understand that if you’re faithful to authentic Christianity, you will be despised.”

Then to add bad doctrine to their bad Theology, when and if they do use Gods Word. They commit Theological malpractice by sharing verses that are meant only for the saved, and/or by cutting and pasting Gods Word out of context.

Professing Christian if that is you, repent, and let this teaching correct and edify you in Christ. This video only begins to scratch the surface of sanctification, it is a teaching out of 1 Corinthians 1. The volume starts off low, but it improves.

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Video Evangelizing the Grand Re-Opening of the LAPD Academy

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Note: The tracts were distributed ‘before and after’ the actual ceremony. All conversations were removed.

On this great day of the Lord I had the privilege of evangelizing this historical Los Angeles police event. My goal was to get a Gospel tract into as many hands as possible. By the grace and providence of the Lord, I was able to accomplish much. I personally delivered a Gospel tract into the hands of over 200 persons. From LAPD’s second in Command (their new Assistant Chief). Then into the hands of several Deputy Chiefs, then to a majority of the rest of their upper command staff. As well as various officers from their rank and file, to miscellaneous dignitaries; and police supporters.

These Biblical Gospel tracts include a presentation of both the ‘Law and the Gospel,’ as well as a graphic warning of eternal damnation in hellfire, that they must be ‘born-again, as well as the Biblical command to ‘repent’ and to put their ‘faith and trust in Christ alone’ for salvation. As it’s been said by others. Police officers won’t be able to badge their way into heaven, and they most certainly won’t be able to badge their way out of hell. Please pray that the Lords Holy Spirit will fertilize the soil for His Gospel Seeds.

Please continue to pray for them, and this labor of love, as I watched many of them reading their tracts while on scene. – Chaplain Bill Rhetts 🙂

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek (Romans 1:16).

“How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach, except they be sent? As it is written, how beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things! But they have not all obeyed the gospel. For Esaias saith, Lord, who hath believed our report? So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God” (Romans 10:14-17).

Music ‘Invocation’ by Brian Tyler.

Additional videos of ‘some’ of many police outreaches:

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National Sins and National Judgments, a sermon by John Owen preached on April 11, 1679

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In his sermon 337 years ago, John Owen ‘briefly’ spoke of National sins and National judgments. More importantly thousands of years ago, the inerrant infallible sufficient Scriptures told us, and forewarned us. But today we have a lot of unbiblical pantywaist Churchianity that unbiblically teaches that ‘all sin is sin’ (though there is ‘some’ truth to that, coupled with much err). They attempt to defend this eisegetically, not exegetically. Then to compound their bad doctrine with bad practice. Many ‘professing’ Christians are not only accepting and acquiescing to un-repented sin. But worse, many are now even heretically celebrating and congratulating National sins. That my friends is an affront to a Holy God. A consistent observation that I have made regarding those ‘professing’ Christians that do this, is their lifestyle is antithetical to Biblical orthodox Christianity. This is a good reason why I attend a church that adheres to a ‘confession of faith’ that was written 327 years ago, and we go backwards not forward. – Chaplain Bill 🙂

As one of my ‘mentors at large’ said –

And you should be separate from the world in your actions. If a thing be right, though you lose by it, it must be done; if it be wrong, though you would gain by it, you must scorn the sin for your Master’s sake. You must have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. Walk worthy of your high calling and dignity. Remember, O Christian, that thou art a son of the King of kings. Therefore, keep thyself unspotted from the world. Soil not the fingers which are soon to sweep celestial strings; let not these eyes become the windows of lust which are soon to see the King in His beauty-let not those feet be defiled in miry places, which are soon to walk the golden streets-let not those hearts be filled with pride and bitterness which are ere long to be filled with heaven, and to overflow with ecstatic joy. – Charles Spurgeon

National Sins and National Judgments, a sermon by John Owen preached on April 11, 1679.


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Video completing Gold Mountain & both John Bull trails (four wheeling)

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My wife and I enjoyed spending ‘Labor Day’ with a wonderful group of fellow off-roaders.

First we did a run through Gold Mountain (see my wife’s video from two-months ago), then the Rock Garden. Then our stellar Trail Leader and Trail Gunner got us through both little John Bull, and big John Bull trails – without any bloodshed.

We enjoyed taking our time to enjoy the sights, taking nice breaks, enjoying each other; and a great lunch. – Bill

Music provided by: Tarzan then Blade of Blood by Tom Player. Alexander Nevsky Rides to Battle by Paradox Interactive. Then Battle of Los Angeles Hymn by Brian Tyler.
Dragon Attack by Epic Score. Then Emperors Orders by Epic Score, Fight of Honor
by Epic Score. Then Galactic Eclipse by Epic Score, Guardians at the Gate
by Audiomachine, and Warriors Code by Epic Score.

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Warning graphic video footage: News media videos police officer shot in the neck during shootout, El Cajon Calif

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IPOC Tract cover

IPOC Tract cover

The suspect armed with an AK-47 rifle shoots his mother-in-law and family. He then shoots this police officer in the neck.

Watch how one officer drags the wounded officer from the line of fire. Then a neighbor (Dave) approached the wounded officer, as he bleeds-out on his own driveway; Dave prays over the officer.

For more detailed information about his horrific incident, view those details in this videos description field.

You may have put your uniform on this morning, but a mortician may remove it tonight. Are you ready to meet your Maker? To know more about life after death, and how to know God, click here.

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Video ‘Preaching, Pleading & Reasoning’ (an excerpt)

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Ministering to one crowd at a time. Though I did not include the ‘one on one’ conversations, the Lord was doing a Mighty work on this crowd. Also saw some evidence of a few Christians that were not ashamed of the public preaching of the Gospel. Often times the Lord uses these outreaches to edify His bride, and vice a versa.

Music: 911 what’s your emergency, by Cliff Martinez.

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A must see & hear sermon on ‘The 10 Indictments against the modern Church in America,’ by Paul Washer

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This two-hour sermon is one of my favorites, and is worth the time to occasionally revisit. Calling this sermon prolific, provocative, and powerful is an understatement. One of the qualities that I love so much about Washer, is his ability to be objective, and to even judge and critique those from within his own congregation, denomination, and/or theological camp. If a leader cannot demonstrate that, then they cannot be trusted with sound doctrine. – Bill 🙂

WARNING: If you’d rather go to church to hear funny jokes, fictional stories, or contemporary sermons; then do not watch this video. If you desire to grow in Christ, in addition to diligently studying the Word of God; then one of the preachers I recommend listening to is Paul Washer of HeartCry Missionary Society.

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