4-minute video on ‘What does the Bible say about tithing?’ – Here’s the truth!

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Today I watched a shameful video on Facebook of a man dancing and flipping on the ground in front of his congregation, as he puts his “tithe” in a plate. It struck up some interesting comments.

Most of the tithes in the Old Testament were giving 10% of their produce, food, and miscellaneous agriculture. Not 10% from a paycheck. The Word of God never changes, but the way we do grocery shopping and commerce, has changed today. If we were to Biblically tithe today, our church sanctuaries would be full of spoiled moldy food.

The below 4-minute video explains what “tithing” is, more importantly what tithing is not. The two soundbites of pastors talking about tithing, subject their congregations to an unbiblical legalistic bondage. Here’s the Biblical truth about tithing. Remember context context context!

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