Caught a Monster Stingray & some small to mid-sized Rays

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The wide-screen GoPro doesn’t do justice, so ENLARGE VIDEO TO FULL SCREEN. Today I planned to go to Catalina Island for breakfast. But that all changed when I decided to drop a line into the water. Somehow, I wasn’t hungry anymore. I hooked a large fish that fought for approximately 30 minutes. It ended up being a Monster StingRay, and as I brought his massive head out of the water, he broke my 120lb wire leader. Then I caught some medium-size and small Rays.

Though it was risky to bring those Rays onto my boat. The alternative was do what most Anglers do, cut the line. But leaving a foreign object in the Rays mouth (the metal hook) causes infections in the Ray. In this video Jeremy Wade of River Monsters explains how the Rays barb and venom works. In this video is a documentary about some fatal attacks on man.

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