Islam: The Religion of peril, not peace. What Christians need to know about Islam! by Dr. Sonny Hernandez

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Dr. Sonny Hernandez is the director of Reforming America Ministries. When he’s not pastoring his flock at a 1689 LBCF church, he’s leading as a deputy wing chaplain in the United States Air Force Reserves. He’s a prolific columnist for World Net Daily, and has authored many solid books. His recent book that I have read (and wrote about), is ‘High Calvinism.’ His most recent book that he authored (that I have not yet read) is ‘The True Gospel, Of Christ’s Saving Death (a Theological primer on particular atonement).’ He’s also an effective non-compromising apologist, and a prolific debater. While in Tennessee, I’ve had the privilege of meeting Hernandez, and have sat under his teaching. The Lord has gifted Hernandez with one of the most brilliant minds of today. Soli Deo Gloria! For more about his biography, click here. For more IPOC posts related to Hernandez, click on his tag here.

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