Video evangelizing a marijuana convention (planting Gospel Seeds not marijuana seeds)

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Enlarge to full screen: Due to lots of women exposing much of their breasts, I was not able to include some video and conversations. A wonderful brother asked me to join him today, and I’m glad I did. A few highlights. An “ordained minister” that was also “evangelizing” this event, tried to stop me from telling the truth, and from preaching the Gospel. He’s a proponent of marijuana use. You will also see him blaspheme the Lord. Also pray for the lady at the beginning under the black hoodie. She was wearing large Satanist pentagram earrings. She seemed to read the tract for a while (even as I walked away). After distributing approx. 250 Gospel tracts, and engaging many in conversations, we faced no opposition. It was then that I decided to open-air preach. But of course, even the demons can hear, believe, and tremble. It was then that the opposition came to fruition, and that is to be expected.

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