Video teaching on the Epistle of Jude vs 17-23, by Bill Rhetts (a parallel of law enforcements ‘escalation of force’ to verses 22-23, and Gods hatred for…)

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In this study through Jude, this teaching includes the following (including but not limited to) ~

  • The predictions of the Apostles
  • The Jude-2 Peter ‘parallel passages’
  • Comparing law enforcements ‘escalation of force’ to verses 22-23
  • More on scoffers & mockers
  • The High school student that once mocked me
  • A command to be holy, to be separated from the world
  • Warnings of worldliness
  • False converts
  • Being balanced in Theology, by being both ‘negative & positive’
  • Being holy
  • Salvation via the Godhead
  • Gods Holy hatred, and what to hate
  • Abortion mills, XXX book stores & and strip clubs (snatching them out of the fire)
  • Getting our garments stained (the right way & wrong way)
  • Warnings of unbiblical evangelism
  • The enemies of God
  • A Biblical love, vs a demonic slope agapé.

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