Video teaching on the Epistle of Jude vs 24-25 (Jude’s ENCOURAGING DOXOLOGY – Lots of rich Theology & Doctrine – a great passage for those nearer to death), by Bill Rhetts

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In this study through Jude, this teaching includes the following (including but not limited to) ~

  • Jude’s Doxology, GREAT for encouraging Christians in hospice, or near to death
  • A Christians primary purpose (what God expects from us, yes even with my four Chihuahuas
  • Lots of Greek translations
  • The doctrines of predestination, justification & glorification
  • Warnings of Antinomianism
  • Christians are commanded to obey…
  • Warnings of acceptance Gospel (and unbiblical soteriologies)
  • The Lord on Repentance
  • A presentation of both the Law & Gospel.

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