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Been Screened @ the DMV Preaching

Since I did not have to study and prepare for a sermon for this Lord’s Day, and it was a light week, I was able to preach the Gospel daily. Here’s one of those many labors of love.

Savage Gear 3D Line Thru System Lure – my first

I bought this Savage Gear 3D Line-Thru Roach lure thinking it was ready to go into the water. But after opening the package and researching the Savage Gear website, and watching some of their professionally done videos, I realized I was about to learn something new; and so I am grateful for this new learning

Republicans blaspheme Christ God Almighty with their MAGA hat

This photograph is courtesy of Jarrad Henderson of USA TODAY. “Protesters take a photo with rapper Bryson Gray of High Point, N.C., a vocal supporter of former President Donald Trump, in Washington Jan. 6.” And now my public statement. This photograph depicts a violation of the first three Commandments. Forgive me for sharing it, but

An Exposition of Psalm 76, by Pastor Bill Rhetts

While doing expository teaching on this chapter, I also applied the importance of believing in the God of these Scriptures. As one woman yesterday that was killing her child at an abortion mill, claimed to already believe in both God and Jesus. I also discussed the importance of the Doctrine of Divine Impassibility, as well

Nathan landing a Calico Bass onto the boat

This snapshot is from a video of brother Nathan landing a nice Calico Bass onto the boat. We caught three Calico that day, and even enjoyed a double hook up together. This was while coming back to the mainland from the infamous 14 Mile Bank next to the Santa Catalina Islands.

An Exposition of Psalm 75, by Pastor Bill Rhetts

In this expositional teaching of Psalm 75, I also gave a call to action to examine ourselves for any pastoral idolatry or grandstanding. And to continually embrace the pillars of Sola Scriptura and Soli Deo Gloria. And what’s in that cup of red wine?