The North Park Elementary School shooter in San Bernardino, Cedric Anderson was a ‘professing’ Christian and previous Pastor

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Yesterday this man, Cedric Anderson entered North Park Elementary School in San Bernardino, whereas he shot a total of four people.

One victim was a teacher (his estranged wife – Karen Elaine Smith), the other two were students (one later died), Anderson then killed himself. What is ironic about this, is Anderson is a ‘professing’ Christian, and a former pastor.

Some are probably tired of me beating this drum, or blowing my trumpet; but sound doctrine and Theology matters.

Therefore it is reasonable to raise this question. Was this man truly a born-again Christian, born-again of Christ’s incorruptible Seed? Or was he a wolf in sheep’s clothing? Or was he false convert deceived into believing that he was born-again from above, because of unbiblical (heretical) soteriologies. Such as repeating your pastor’s unbiblical ‘sinner’s prayer,’ then being told you are born-again. Or by raising your hand in church, then being told you are born-again. Or by walking forward in an unbiblical altar call, then being told you’re now born-again. Or “accepting Jesus,” or making a “decision for Christ,” or having a mere intellectual “belief” in Jesus. All of which are unbiblical, and none of them are salvific.

Regardless of Anderson’s eternal state and fate, Pastors and Christians must repent from manipulating lost sinners into a pseudō-salvation, and they must quit manufacturing results. They must repent from their own ‘cut and paste Theology,’ as they take God’s Word out of context, to justify their own unbiblical soteriologies. As I said in one article, they must repent from this “Theological malpractice.”

Salvation is a supernatural ‘miracle’ and work of the Lord, not of ourselves. To be more specific, salvation is the Divine work of the Holy Trinity. Salvation comes to others as the Father draws (gives) them to His Son (John 6:37-44; 17:2, 6, 9, 24), through the redemptive work of Christ (John 10:15, Heb 9:11-28, Eph. 5:25b), as the Holy Spirit regenerates their heart (Ezekiel 36:26-27, John 3:5-8, Titus 3:5-6, Rom 2:29; cf 2 Tim. 2:25, 2 Cor. 4:6, John 10:27, Acts 16:14, John 1:13).

A mere ‘profession’ of faith is not salvific either. Sadly his newlywed wife (now deceased) believed that his ‘profession of faith’ was genuine, until she recently married him, and now she’s dead.

Another observation that seems to be consistent with other martial failures. On social media Anderson frequently bragged about his marriage, and how much he loved her. Usually when a man consistently brags about how much he loves his wife, it is usually proven to not be the case.

Lastly, please pray for Karen’s four children, as losing their mother this way is so tragic.


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A must read ‘Where are the Reformers Today?,’ by John J. Murray

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This is a must read for Christians. Yes this is a serious problem today, as so many ‘professing’ Christians compromise. But I would be careful shifting all the blame to the “church.” The Lords truly saved blood bought born-again church is beautiful. The problem is due to unbiblical Soteriologies, these buildings that we wrongfully call “church” are full of false converts. Or they do not know how to disciple, train-up, equip, and send-out. But as a Reformed Baptist, I must be objective (not subjective). Even some of our reformers today, are like the church of Sardis, and/or Laodicea, and they too must repent.

The Author stated, “There is no doubt that Western civilisation needs to rise up against the forces that oppose it. The question is: Where is the body with the moral fibre to undertake that fight? It should be the role of the Christian church, which is rightly designated as the ‘church militant’.”

I’ll tell you where the “body with the moral fibre” are. They do not just attend the building that we call “church,” they are being the church. They are in the gutters, the highways and hedges. They are the open-air preachers that are Heralds of the Gospel. No not all of them, but those that are truly Christ-centric, and Gospel-centered.

Moreover, as I’ve said before, it is the Heralds in the streets that work in stressful, unsafe, unpredictable, uncontrolled, unrehearsed, and even dangerous work environments, all of which is done free of salary.

Where are the Reformers Today?, by John J. Murray


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Protected: Video telling a Psychic Fortuneteller her future – in hell

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Video open-air preaching “Are you security?” my response, then ‘crying out’ at the Train Depot

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“Are you security?” my response, then ‘crying out’ at the Train Depot.

This day was a fruitful day. By the grace of God, and glory of God, I was able to share the glorious Gospel with hundreds of people in three different cities. The below video is a portion of today’s labor of love.

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Video Just as in the days of Noah & the drunk lady at the bus depot

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Today was a fruitful day. By the grace of God, and glory of God, I was able to share the glorious Gospel with hundreds of people in three different cities. The below video is a portion of today’s labor of love.

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Video of the Sarin Gas chemical bombing in Syria near Damascus (Warning graphic content, viewer discretion advised)

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Warning graphic content, viewer discretion advised! Disclaimer: Regarding verse 9 of Matthew chapter 24, there is no evidence that this attack was a ‘Christian’ persecution.

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A must see sermon jam on ‘Don’t soften the reality of Hell,’ by Charles Leiter

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For my sermon jam on a Biblical description of hell, click here.

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The Thin Blue Line vs the Thin Theological Line

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Disclaimer: Not all police officers do this.

The Thin Blue Line vs the Thin Theological Line

Whenever a ‘professing’ Christian frequently and consistently talks more about his sin(s), that he was allegedly “set free” from, that is always a red flag to me.

When they constantly say “I used to do this,” or “I used to do that;” there’s a good chance they are still doing “this and that.”

Our testimonies should be more about Christ, and how Christ has given us a new heart, new desires, and a new character.

Yes the Scripture is very clear that if we say we have no sin, then we are a liar (1 John 1:8). However it also says in 1 John 3:9, that “No one born of God (born-again) makes a practice of sinning, for God’s seed abides in him; and he cannot keep on sinning, because he has been born of God.”

Law Enforcement is expected to toe what is known as a “Thin Blue Line.” In the Christian realm I have referred to a “Thin Theological Line.” There is a Thin Theological Line between the two aforementioned verses.

Paul said that Christians are to “walk circumspectly” (Ephesians 5:15-16). That word circumspectly in the Greek is tantamount to a soldier cautiously walking through a minefield.

If you profess to be a Christian, but still gloat about your sin(s), then I would “Examine yourselves, to see whether you are in the faith. Test yourselves. Or do you not realize this about yourselves, that Jesus Christ is in you?—unless indeed you fail to meet the test!” (2 Corinthians 13:5).

A good place to begin this examination, are the first two Epistles of John.

As always – Ye must be born again. Christians love ‘biblically’ – repent – be salt and light – be holy – be sanctified – fear God – pray without ceasing – keep His commandments – walk circumspectly – believe in and trust Jesus – obey the Gospel – share the Gospel – preach the Gospel – contend for the faith, – hate the things that God hates, and love the things that God loves – keep the faith, work-out your salvation, and endure to the end!


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Video preaching end-times warnings & uneasy believism at the DMV

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Thank You Lord for those that acknowledged Your Gospel, and for those that did not.

“Let eloquence be flung to the dogs rather than souls be lost. What we want is to win souls. They are not won by flowery speeches.” – Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Music ‘Give Thanks to the Lord,’ by The Zoe Group.

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Dr. J. I. Packer speaks about his mentor the late Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

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At the time of this interview, Dr. J.I. Packer was 86-years-old. He speaks of the man that had a great influence on his Christian walk, which was the late Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones. Frankly I could not even begin to fit in either of these men’s shoes. As I’ve said before my greatest ‘mentors at large’ have proceeded me in death. I believe the church needs to go backwards, not emerge progressively present, nor forward. After all Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Heb 13:8).

Video #2 is a short video on the life & legacy of Dr. Martyn Lloyd Jones.

Logic On Fire: the Life and Legacy of Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones from Media Gratiae on Vimeo.

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Video conquering Dishpan Springs off-road trail (white knuckle axle breaking excitement)

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What a wonderful day with my ‘first ministry’ (my wife), as well as friends, and new friends. This trip consisted of five Jeeps, and ten persons. Regretfully we only have video of ‘some’ of the critical obstacles. We winched one Jeep, and strapped another that was ‘wounded in action.’ The only carnage we had today, was one axle shaft-yolk that broke. I feel bad that I wasn’t able to help them repair that Jeep, but I have medical restrictions (Lord willing only for a season). But I was able to distribute some Gospel tracts.

Music ‘Gortez a Run & Woad to Ruin, by Hans Zimmer.

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Video of my first time preaching since my Cardiac Arrests – Life is but a vapor! (with great responses)

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While waiting for my next heart procedure, I frequently distribute lots of Gospel tracts, and engage in ‘one on ones.’ But this morning while tracking, I learned that the two preachers whom minister at this location (my former fishing hole), would not be there today. Since my heart is currently more predictable (Lord willing due to medicines & my ICD implant), I decided to put-on my GoPro – go – stand – and preach.

I began by giving testimony in regards to my heart failure. I then preached the Law and then His glorious Gospel. To God be the glory, there were some responses to the Gospel call.  I won’t go into the details of two persons that responded, but this was one of those aha moments. Another lady (not seen here) seemingly repented and put her faith in Christ. I say “seemingly” because I cannot know if this was a true salvation or not. As I have stated before, it would be ‘Theological malpractice’ for me to profess or declare anyone saved, just because they professed to believe in my Gospel message. I can only know by their fruits, and through a test of time.

Nonetheless, please pray for all their hearts as the Holy Spirit continues to fertilize their soil. I have no doubt the Lord will produce much more fruit that I will never know about, on this side of heaven. All conversations were omitted.

Side note: I checked my blood pressure and heartrate immediately thereafter, and to my surprise it was the best reading I’ve had since my hospitalization – 105/76/80 (100% in the green). I have no idea how my AFIB with RVR was, but I felt no palpitations, and my heart muscle seemed strong enough for this – glory to God. Lord willing I pray this victory continues. Thank you for your prayers. For now, I will be selective where I preach (non-hostile environments). Soli Deo Gloria!

Music ‘Dream is Collapsing’ by Hans Zimmer.

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