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Savage Gear 3D Line Thru System Lure – my first

I bought this Savage Gear 3D Line-Thru Roach lure thinking it was ready to go into the water. But after opening the package and researching the Savage Gear website, and watching some of their professionally done videos, I realized I was about to learn something new; and so I am grateful for this new learning

Nathan landing a Calico Bass onto the boat

This snapshot is from a video of brother Nathan landing a nice Calico Bass onto the boat. We caught three Calico that day, and even enjoyed a double hook up together. This was while coming back to the mainland from the infamous 14 Mile Bank next to the Santa Catalina Islands.

Considering celebrating President Reagan’s life on Presidents Day, by being an “idiot” on the Sea 🚤🦈

On President’s Day, I’m considering celebrating Ronald Reagan’s life by taking the boat out to the infamous 14 Mile Bank near Santa Catalina Islands. But the National Oceanic Administration forecasts there are small craft advisories and Gale warnings until late Sunday evening. So, I guess I won’t know until Monday morning if I should take-on this challenge. In the

Breaking-in my Pro Kicker, while trying out a YOLOtek PowerStick

Today I tried out my new YOLOtek PowerStick-53 and ProKicker. This video documents solo launching, breaking-in the Kicker, a little fishing (with no bites), and other shots. This YOLOtek snaps down into the socket for the anchor light and keeps the GoPro always powered. And thanks to this training video provided by YOLOtek, I learned

Catch & Release 3 Calico Bass (small, med & large) 🎣

I enjoyed some quality time with a brother from Church. He (a sailor himself) navigated us to a place called “The 14 Mile Bank,” which puts us right over some mountainous terrain. We were unsuccessful there, but we later landed three Calico Bass while trolling. We even had both bait clickers going at the same

Marine Scientists catch & release a Great White Shark

I was researching videos of Fishermen catching and releasing Sharks, which I hope to do tomorrow, but most of them have filthy potty mouths. But these folks are Anglers with PhDs, and they do so for scientific purposes. Profession and classy for sure. #CathchAndRelease “OCEARCH, a non-profit organization, tracks and studies sharks around the globe.

Listening to oldies, while hauling 20 miles out to Sea, in November

Last Tuesday (in November) I went 20 miles out to Sea from the Newport Harbor. The ocean was as smooth as a local lake. But as the winter weather arrives, those days will be over for another season. Beginning today, the weather begins its unpredictableness. Always check your BoatUS app before launching your vessel.