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How to pick up a mooring at Catalina Island

If there are no small craft advisories next week, and the marine weather is reasonable, a brother from church and I will be going to the Santa Catalina Islands. We’ll be going to enjoy a nice meal and talk about a possible prolific ministry endeavor. Who knows, we might even put a pole in the

Diamond Valley Lake’s outhouses can be harmful to your boat

Though my approach was off, you’d think with their overpriced $37.00 entrance fee, they would at least install proper protection around their outhouse platforms. Now I know why some have told me they refuse to use their outhouses. The question is, are they throwing their bottled urine in the trash, or pouring it into the

Savage Gear 3D Line Thru System Lure – my first

I bought this Savage Gear 3D Line-Thru Roach lure thinking it was ready to go into the water. But after opening the package and researching the Savage Gear website, and watching some of their professionally done videos, I realized I was about to learn something new; and so I am grateful for this new learning

Nathan landing a Calico Bass onto the boat

This snapshot is from a video of brother Nathan landing a nice Calico Bass onto the boat. We caught three Calico that day, and even enjoyed a double hook up together. This was while coming back to the mainland from the infamous 14 Mile Bank next to the Santa Catalina Islands.