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Worshipping or deifying the vaccine – Podcast #52

Just a few hours after being uploaded YouTube removed this from my channel along with another “strike.”  Hence here it is via Rumble. The worship of the COVID vaccine is real. In this video I believe this Elder violates many of the Lord’s Ten Commandments, in regards to the COVID vaccine. Below is an mp3

More reasons why I am against livestreaming church services

I understand most professing Christians that are a proponent of livestreaming will disagree with me. But I’m not trying to change their minds, nor will I argue with them on social media. If it’s God’s will, He will change their minds. And if I’m wrong, then perhaps He’ll change mine. If you disagree with me,

County health Administer speaks out against masks and lockdowns

I give this fellow a big hearty amen. He used the word that I’ve been using for a long time “control,” because it’s all about control and conditioning. I am sad for the many politically correct people that have allowed themselves to be a slave to their puppet master. Instead, Christians must be a δούλος