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The Covenanters and COVID-19, by Dr. Brian Borgman (a must see video) ✔

Pastor Brian Borgman pastors Grace Community Church in Minden Nevada. They are a 1689 Confessional Church (as is mine). Borgman gives an excellent history lesson on The Covenanters, and how this portion of church history should be applied to the current COVID-19 lockdown. He discusses the roles of ‘ecclesiastical authority’ vs the ‘civil authorities,’ and

Scathing video on the intense persecution coming soon to America

Many within the church throughout America are praying for a revival. Church, we don’t deserve a revival. We deserve Gods judgment, and a severe persecution. Sadly many apathetic pastors across America comfort their sheep, by telling them that the church will not endure an end times persecution. Have they not read the Bible? Have they