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Video of Brother Ronnie enduring much heckling, physical pushing, heathens disabling his headset, and beer thrown on him as he heralds the glorious Gospel at the Seattle Sounders Soccer game

My esteemed brother Ronnie endures a lot in this short must see video. From serious heckling, to physical pushing, to heathens disabling his headset, as well as beer thrown on him.| Naturally the world hates the open-air preaching of the Gospel. But unnaturally many that profess to be born-again do not approve of this. Satan

Video Gas Pump Preaching in Response to Terrorism

This is just another phase of a multi-phase counter-terrorism response to terrorism in our community. For more about this multi-phase outreach, click on the ‘Redlands Terrorists’ tag here (this tag will keeping growing over this next week). For my PowerPoint entitled ‘Biblical Evangelism’ click here.

My report on a 1-week counter-terrorism open-air campaign, in response to International Terrorist Jihads here in San Bernardino and Redlands, California (lots of videos – Gospel-centric – Christ-centric)

Ever since the two Muslim Jihadists Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik, et.al. devastated our community, I’ve been responding with the Sword of the Lord. I have infiltrated several of these locations by penetrating them with the Gospel, utilizing multiple methods of evangelism. I have chosen to not upload a lot of the video footage, specifically some