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A video teaching of Psalm chapter 1:1-3, by Bill Rhetts (whom Christians are ‘not’ to “walk” with, obeying God’s Law, and Biblical Christianity in a postmodern era & how to prosper)

As I prepared for this expository study (other than one scholar), I studied under the teachings of scholars from the 1400’s up to the 1800’s. Therefore, this teaching will not be ‘watered down’ with contemporary fruffles. We will learn of the dangers of ‘walking’ with non-saved ‘friends.’ We will also learn how to ‘Biblically’ love

Video of Dennis Prager supporting homosexuality, and more

Don’t kill the messenger folks. We knew Dennis Prager was lost (not born-again), but perhaps this will convince you that he’s more ‘left to the center’ than you thought. In this excerpt Dave Rubin interviews Prager. Prager advised that he ~ supports gay marriage advises he believes that bisexuality “is the norm” that homosexuals and