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A video of Dr. Steven Lawson’s harsh warning of Ecumenicalism

Once upon a time I was ecumenical, but no more. Christians must flee from this. But when a Christian stands firm on the ‘inerrant sufficient’ Scriptures, while avoiding ecumenicalism and/or religious pluralism, our ministry opportunities will be less. Below are two of my most recent experiences. Last year I was offered a paid position with

Video of my friend Ronnie being attacked while preaching at the March for Science in Seattle: Preacher hit from behind & Satanic Temple marching but THE LORD REIGNS! (Warning profanities)

In the first 30 seconds you will see a Satanist wearing Easter bunny ears aggressively assault my friend Ronnie Cardiel. Take note that as soon as Ronnie recovers from this attack, he rejoices saying “Oh praise God, thank You Lord!” This is the book of Acts in action. Recover – Rejoice – and Regroup. This

Is the boxing champion Muhammad Ali “RIP”?

Many professed Christians that are fans of Muhammad Ali, are inputting those three initials “RIP” in honor of him. The Scriptures make it very clear, that if Muhammad was not saved (a Muslim) that he will not be “resting in peace.” According to this article, in Muhammad’s last seconds of life, his family were “chanting