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Human 2.0 – Dr. Carrie Madej warns about Transhumanism re the COVID vaccine

I am a Christian in my sixties who has heart failure, chronic heart disease, a history of three full cardiac arrests, am Pacemaker reliant, have a compromised immune system, and I have chosen to not get the COVID vaccine. Albeit my primary reasons are Theological and faith-based, but what Dr. Carrie Madej lays out in her below video are some additional points

A must see documentary ‘Lethal Injection: The Story of Vaccination’

DISCLAIMER: The following documentary is not a Christian produced/directed film. Hence IPOC Ministries is not aligning themselves with the producer, director, nor any other person(s) affiliated with this film. IPOC is not an anti-government organization. However as your sheepdog, I believe in warning the sheep. – Chaplain Bill. A Christian friend from California Nurses for