3-minute video on ‘What Christian Books to Read? No Perfect Author,’ by Charles Leiter

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I’m of the belief (principle) that the only book(s) we should see ‘inside’ a local church – is the Bible. And that Christians should never spend more time reading books, than we do reading and ‘studying’ Gods Book (the Bible). Having said that, in regards to our ‘extracurricular’ activities, there is much wisdom in this short video.

Anytime a Christian, ministry, or local church possess an ‘exclusive limited base’ of teachers, scholars, or theologians; then they are cutting themselves short. If the ‘denominational’, or professed ‘non-denominational’ church consistently points to one man or one ministry; that can be very dangerous (perhaps even cult like).

I am a sermon junkie, and listen to Bible scholars from various perspectives. As long as there is no false teaching, I would encourage you to broaden your base of those whom you listen to. God is so much bigger than our local church. – Bill 😉

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