Video on ‘The gift nobody wants,’ by Paul Washer (a message every Pastor and Christian needs to hear)

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This prolific message was given at the 2008 Springfield Bible Conference. Paul is so right about pastors that mow over, redact and/or truncate controversial Bible verses. All in the name of a heretical unbiblical love.
As I’ve said before Paul Washer is the John the Baptist of the 21st Century. He won’t love you into the comfortable arms of complacency and then into hell. He’ll love you with the non-truncated truth. I believe that Pauls’ following words applies to the majority of pastors within America.
“On judgment day I would rather be standing in the crowd of liberal politicians, waiting to receive my judgment. Than I would be wanting to stand in the group with conservative pastors in the United States of America. And I mean that.” Paul Washer

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