A must see video on ‘Sexual immorality KILLS,’ by Paul Washer

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Though all sin is evil, and all sin brings forth death, the Scriptures do speak specifically on sexual immorality. Sadly I know many ‘professing’ Christians that have succumbed to Satan, by not only tolerating sexual immorality. Furthermore they have accepted it, acquiesced to it, congratulated it, and even celebrated with those whom practice sexual immorality. All in the name of the unbiblical – mystical “They’ll see Jesus inside of me” heresy.

That is not a Biblical “love” as they claim. It is a ‘worldly carnal sensual’ love, it is an unholy disdain of Gods Holiness, it is an affront to a Holy God; and it is a terrible witness.

Christians, let me ask you this. Would you associate yourself with, and accept a group of self-identified car thieves, or drug dealers, or murderers, or rapists, or adulterers, or child molesters? Then why have so many ‘professing’ Christians accepted and associated themselves with ‘sexual immorality’ (heterosexual or homosexual)?

I suspect the reason why, is either
a) they are sexually immoral themselves (and must repent), or
b) they are false converts, or
c) they are cowards, or
d) all of the above.

And never forget what the Lord Jesus said about ‘spiritual cowards’ in Rev 21:8.

As Washer said ~

“If you don’t think it’s dangerous, then I would suggest you talk to three people. The pastor, the policeman, and the lawyer. Because they will tell you that a great many crimes and dangers and horrible things that occur in this world flows out of this (sexual immorality).”

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