A must see provocative sermon on ‘The Church?’ by Paul Washer (He warns of the “contemporary reformed” movement)

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Brother Paul gave this sermon not long before he went into full cardiac arrest, I haven’t heard him preach since. He was speaking specifically to ‘pastors.’ He warns about the contemporary reformed movement (aka the young and restless reformed movement).

Washer then warns any Calvinists in the crowd, to “put your stones away,” as he tells them this truth. That many Armenians are more reformed than Calvinists. Why? Because those particular Armenians don’t just say “Sola Scriptura,” but they demonstrate Sola Scriptura.

Fast forwarding to the end, he talks about “Biblical missions,” but sadly he’s right that “Nobody wants to do that…”

“Why are so many pastors laying aside the truth, and becoming entertainers laying aside the truth, and to be expecting to draw a crowd because they wear skinny jeans, bold glasses, and they got tattoos all over their body. Unless you’ve been in Special Forces, don’t get a tattoo, or a biker gang. You don’t need Jesus written on your arm, you need the Law of God written on your heart.”  – Paul Washer

Full disclosure: So that I don’t have a log in my own eye. I have a so-called “Christian tattoo,” from decades ago, but I regret that; and would never do that again. Though the ink may still be there, I have repented.

“Let me tell you something, on the Day of Judgment, don’t worry about the atheists. Don’t fear for the prostitute, or the murderer. You want to fear for somebody on the Day of Judgment, you fear for a large number of evangelical pastors who have departed from the Word of God, and are parading the church in a dress, a garb that God never intended her to wear.” – Paul Washer

WARNING: If you’d rather go to church to hear funny jokes, fictional stories, or contemporary sermons; then do not watch this video. If you desire to grow in Christ, in addition to diligently studying the Word of God; then one of the preachers I recommend listening to is Paul Washer of HeartCry Missionary Society.

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