A scathing video of ‘Does God ever hate?’’ (sermon excerpts by Paul Washer & Tim Conway – please read preface and watch video before passing judgment)

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Today it is very rare that you will hear a pastor Biblically teach the whole counsel of the Word of God (via ‘Christian’ FM radio). Therefore this majority of ‘pastors’ are not innocent of the blood of man (Acts 20:26-27). However I am very thankful that it is taught at my local church. Yesterday after our guest speaker (Angelo) preached, I gave him a hug thanking him for doing so.

Today a majority of pastors are committing what I’ve referred to as “Theological malpractice,’ [1] as they cut and paste Gods Word out of context.

But what about the many attributes of God?

Via an exegetical hermeneutical systematical study of the Scriptures, the ‘doctrines of the attributes of God’ are clearly seen. Yes the same Sovereign LORD that is infinite in love; is also infinite in mercy, wrath, grace, judgment, justice, etcetera etcetera.

Bear in mind, the following two preachers (via this video) only scratched the surface of how the Scriptures speak of Gods hatred; and what it is that He hates, who He hates, and how He hates.

“Pastors Paul Washer and Tim Conway preach on a much neglected, despised, but absolutely necessary topic: the hatred of Almighty God. To embrace one aspect of God and reject another is to reject God completely…you either take Him as He is, and believe Him to be who He has declared Himself to be, or you will die in your sins (John 8:24). God is loving, but He is also full of justice, anger, and wrath; and His love can never be understood or appreciated without acknowledging that He is filled with indignation toward the unrighteousness of men. The statement, “God loves the sinner but hates the sin” is also exposed as a lie in direct opposition to the Scriptures which teach that God’s fierce hatred is directed not only toward sin but those who practice it as well (Psalm 5:5-6).” (taken from video description field)

WARNING: If you’d rather go to church to hear funny jokes, fictional stories, or contemporary sermons; then do not watch this video. If you desire to grow in Christ, in addition to diligently studying the Word of God; then one of the preachers I recommend listening to is Paul Washer of HeartCry Missionary Society. – Chaplain Bill 🙂

IPOC Ministries ‘The Unbiblical Sinner’s Prayer’ https://www.theexpositor.tv/blog/the-sinners-prayer-biblical-or-unbiblical-by-bill-rhetts/ (Assessed on August 22nd, 2016)

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