A scathing video on ‘Ladies, Does How You Dress Cause Men to Lust?’ by Albert Martin

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“Don’t allow Satan to lure you in. And don’t allow Satan, to use you as his bait!” Bill RhettsPastor Albert Martin gives a scathing message about ‘Christian’ women that dress in ways that cause men to lust (adultery in the heart.) As Martin said, “Ladies, get hold of this principal. Purity of your motive, does not cancel the effects of your appearance.”

May I add thou men are more ‘visually oriented’ than woman. I also say to the men, that it is wrong for you to dress in a way that draws attention to your body parts as well.

It takes courage to deliver a message like this. Thank you pastor Martin. For another great message on this subject, click on C.J. Mahaney’s two videos here.

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