A video presentation of The Gospel in Greek, by Dr. Theodore Zachariades / Το Ευαγγέλιο (Θεόδωρος Ζαχαριαδης, Δρ. Θεολογίας)

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While doing some ministry work in Tennessee, I’ve had the privilege of meeting Dr. Theodore Zachariades. He is Pastor of Sovereign Grace Baptist Church in Tullahoma TN, and Co-Director of Reforming America Ministries. Hey, I aren’t event got my English down yet, let alone my Greek. Perhaps it’s appropriate to call my brothers Theodore Zachariades and Sonny Hernandez the “Greek Squad.”

The following is from Reforming America Ministries.

Christians, with Greek Orthodox family members, have been requesting Gospel videos to send to their loved ones. This is one of the requests we have been receiving at Reforming America Ministries. By God’s grace, Theodore will start posting monthly videos in Greek to make Christ known to those who are part of the Greek Orthodox tradition. Please feel free to share this video on your website, social media page, or to friends that have family members that are still attending Greek Orthodox congregations.

Courtesy of the Reforming America Ministries Facebook page

To view the English translation, click here.

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