Are you really a Christian? Repent & believe, some sinners prayers and altar calls,’ by Paul Washer

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False conversions I was once one of those ‘believers’ that thought I was saved, when I was not. I was even involved in church.

In 1986 while attending a church in Riverside Calif, I listened to a message given by their pastor. After his sermon, the pastor told his congregation that if anyone wanted to become a Christian, and be “guaranteed eternal life in heaven;” then to simply repeat a prayer after him. After doing so, the pastor publicly declared myself, (and the many others in that altar call,) that we were all now born-again.

Folks, nowhere in the Scriptures you will find that sinners prayer. The Lord doesn’t want fast food, drive thru altar calls, He wants our lives. We cannot afford to roll the dice with our eternity. To read more about that sinners prayer click here. To know more about salvation, click here.

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