Breaking News – IPOC Podcasts (Godcasts) coming soon

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I already spend a great deal of time responding to questions asked in either YouTube comments, emails, or through various social media platforms. So why not respond to them like a radio show, or studio format. Henceforth, IPOC Podcasts (aka Godcasts).

So if you have any questions related to what the Bible says about a particular subject, ask me and Lord willing I will respond in a Podcast via our YouTube channel. Your questions can be about Theology, Doctrine, Christian worldviews on current events, controversial topics, Law Enforcement issues, and/or the Criminal Justice system (former CJ Instructor). And doing so while demonstrating apologetics (1 Peter 3:15), and polemics (2 Corinthians 10:5).

You can either email your questions here (, or U.S. mail them to our PO Box, or submit them via any of our other social media platforms. If you ask to remain anonymous, I will honor your request. Otherwise, I will only mention your first name and state. After I read your question over the air (via a Podcast on YouTube), Lord willing I will then provide the answer. If you’d really like to be part of the video. Take a video of yourself asking the question, send it to me, and then I’ll edit yours into my video response.

For example.

John in New York asked, “Is seminary Biblically required to hold the office of Elder or Pastor?” or

Cindy from Oregon asked, “Can I divorce my spouse if he…?” or

YouTube channel John Doe asked, “[fill in the blank]?” or

Anonymous asked, “[you fill in the blank]?”

Who will ask the question(s) for the first Podcast? Who will be in Episode 1 of Season 1? Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Perhaps later I will go live. Our web sites new hashtag is here, the correct hashtag for social media will be #IPOCpodcasts

Side note: If any of you are gifted at making video intros  for these future IPOC Podcasts, please consider making one, and sending it to me. Having several different intros to alternate would be nice.

Sincerely – Bill Rhetts.

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