Is Pastor Jeff Durbin continuing in a downward spiral, by advocating for a moderate or particular marijuana – drug use?

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We all fall short in our lives, leadership, churches and ministries. But hopefully we are continually repenting, and continually growing in sanctification. But even after being rebuked and warned, Pastor Jeff Durbin appears to continue in a downward spiral. And so we must warn the rest of the Lord’s church, because love warns (1 Timothy 5:20). What I am about to say may not seem nice. But how can you watch this man bring such a reproach to Christ, without having a righteous indignation yourself.

A summary of his background.

As in many of his videos, Durbin continues to make light of sin through his perverted comedy, and coarse jesting. His worldviews appear to be continually less Biblical. He gives the appearance of being a drunkard (methusko), and a worldly carnal Christian (if there was such a thing). He demonstrates a slope agapé, and a greasy grace. And appears to be a hyper libertarian. 

I’ve only watched a couple of his new comedy shows. In one of them he entertained it’s guests with disgusting “rear end” jokes. Then during commercial break they included sexual innuendos about “twerking,” by referring to Twittering as “Twerker,” etcetera.   

Durbin not only appears to love alcohol, he boasts about it, as he praises Guinness beer in front of their factory. Including hosting tattoo and beer fundraisers for their Apologia church plant.

Remember this is only a summary.

I believe (in my opinion) that Durbin is “given to wine,” and is no longer above reproach. Therefore he has most likely disqualified himself as an elder / pastor. Perhaps this man needs to be removed from his pastorship? But I don’t see his congregation doing that. As Paul warned in 2 Timothy 4:3-4 “For the time will come when THEY will not endure sound doctrine; but after THEIR own lusts shall THEY heap to THEMSELVES teachers, having itching ears; And THEY shall turn away THEIR ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.”

Yes Durbin has done some good things, but his consistent worldliness outweighs the good. Hence, a little leaven leavens the whole lump. As I stated in a previous comment ~

There’s an interesting trend amongst Christendom. Whereas the ‘abortion issue’ becomes their standard for judging a man’s character or Theology. We warned Christians about Lecrae, and his worldly carnal Christianity, but Christians ignored us. But when it’s discovered that Lecrae endorsed a pro-abortion candidate, they finally opposed Lecrae. We warned Christians about Jeff Durbin, and his worldly carnal Christianity, but Christians ignored us. Instead, they are giving Durbin a pass because he stands outside abortion mills. In other words. The ‘abortion issue’ has become their benchmark, and that is what is shaping their Theology. Let the Scriptures be our benchmark, not the issues or platforms. Lest our ‘issues’ become idols.

Before you watch the below 23:21 minute video, pray for discernment. Including but not limited to, you will see Durbin mix truth with err. You will see him perform an eisegesis of the Scriptures. It’s one thing to eisegesis the Text, as we all have. But to do so to justify and feed our own flesh, while defaming Christ’s character; is unconscionable. You will see him accuse the Lord Jesus of making and serving a “strong fermented” wine. Jesus was not a winebibber, nor a bartender.

In the below video Durbin wrongfully calls Dr. John MacArthur “false” for opposing marijuana use. 

Durbin advocating marijuana use for medical purposes, is tantamount to a pro-lifer saying abortion should be a legal option in incidences of rape, or health risks to the mother.  

Though Durbin does condemn “drug abuse.” He accepts drug use, by implying that controlled substances are only a sin if there is an “abuse” of the drug. And he believes the Devils weed should be legalized

To do all this in the name of “Christ,” I believe is blasphemy. If a Christian is supposed to abstain from an appearance of evil, and walk circumspectly, then shouldn’t a pastor?

UPDATE 12/11/18: I received a phone call from a Christian that I highly respect. He read this blog post and shared his appreciation for it. But he also warned me that he had personal knowledge that Durbin has been known to do the following in response to articles like this. When other brothers have posted warnings about Durbin, Durbin and/or members of his congregation have lodged complaints to the Christian’s pastor, in hopes to get the Christian “disciplined” for writing about a fellow Elder. Mr. Durbin, you have no authority over me, nor over my pastor, church or denomination; and I will not flinch in the face of adversity. My hope and prayer is that you will repent.

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