One minute video ‘Defending Israel amongst their enemies (hamas sympathizers), at an anti-Israel rally’

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I removed the full version, and kept this edited shorter version. If you would like to financially support our mission, you can make donations either through the U.S. mail, or online here.

Recently a Christian asked me if my church would consider having a guest speaker train us on how to witness to Muslims. Brethren, let’s not make evangelism more difficult than it needs to be. We don’t need a seminar to learn how to witness to a Muslim or an Atheist. The Scriptures are very clear that the natural (psychikos) man cannot understand spiritual matters (pneumatikos). Therefore don’t spend too much time reasoning (or arguing) with them. Give them the Law and the Gospel. God is sovereign, and He will cause them to believe as He wills. Salvation is the monergistic work of the Godhead, all we have to do is be faithful in sharing the Gospel, and trust in the Lord for the results.


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