PANDEMIC preaching @ TARGET during the Lockdown 💞💝❗

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After seeing another cowardly pastor discouraging Christians online from sharing the Gospel with a lost and dying world. And after seeing how they deceptively claim they are “loving our neighbors,” and are being “pro-life” by shutting their churches and staying home, I tweeted the following this morning.

“There was a Christianity willing to die for the cause of Christ. Today many hide & lie calling it “I’m loving my neighbor” and am being “pro-life.” Many of them are the “cowardly” in Rev 21:8 & they worship the creation more than the Creator (Rom 1). They have become gods.”

98% of churches have failed this test “We believe that God sends all pestilences, & that he sends them with a purpose, it is our business as ministers of God to call the people’s attention to God in the disease, & teach them the lesson which God would have them learn.” -Spurgeon

Therefore my intro in the below video is directed to ‘those pastors’ that use their “we’re loving our neighbors” or “we’re pro-life” as an excuse for their apathy while shaming those that continue to press-on thru all this.

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