Pastor Artur Pawlowski excommunicates the COVID Nazis during Church service

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One of the good things about the Coronavirus, that our Lord has decreed, is it helps Christians discern which pastors, local churches, or professing Christians would remain steadfast, and not flinch in the face of adversity.

Though I am very supportive of the police and respect those authorities the Lord has placed over us. But when they go against Christ’s bride, or attempt to regulate the local Church; I will obey God’s Law rather than man’s laws (or mandates).

In this video, you will see pastor Artur Pawlowski of the Cave of Adullam Church in Alberta Canada drive-out the COVID Nazis similar to how Jesus drove out the money changers. Except Jesus was harsher than this, He used a weapon. I’m thankful for those that have not bought into the pantywaist mambe pamby Christendom.

On the contrary, you see pastors like Costi Hinn say terrible things about Christians (or churches) that continued to hold church services throughout the height of this so called “pandemic.” I used to listen to the White Horse Inn, but since they’ve been hosting Hinn, I’ve turned them off too. The church needs to guard herself from mediocrity. You can watch my podcast about the pragmatism and cowardness of Costi Hinn here.

Background: Pastor Pawlowski grew up under a Soviet communist dictatorship, therefore he understands the importance of his response to tyranny.

DISCLAIMER: Sometimes I share excerpts from various sermons (or videos) from various Christians. However, this does not mean I endorse all views of every person shared here or other videos on their channel.

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