Pastor Chuck Baldwin responds to those who say Donald Trump Is America’s only hope (a must see video)

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Back in the day when Pastor Chuck Baldwin was a Presidential candidate, he published a list of the “most faithful conservatives… who have not bowed the knee to Baal.” I was one of the men on that list, and I appreciate that compliment.

However since then I have left the Republican Party (10 years ago), became more serious about Doctrine, less concerned about amerika, and more concerned about the Lord’s church. And the Lord has equipped and emboldened me to bring “the pulpit” that Baldwin speaks of into the streets.

From the YouTube video description field ~

Pastor Baldwin receives hundreds of letters and emails from Christian people who proclaim that President Donald Trump is America’s last and only hope. They are under a strong devilish delusion that politicians—especially the President—are the hope of the country. This is a serious lack of spiritual discernment and truth. America’s answer is not electing politicians—Donald Trump included. America’s answer lies where it has always lain: in the pulpits of our churches. America’s problem is a pulpit problem, NOT a political problem.

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