Preaching the Gospel & Election @ an Abortion Mill + a Divine Intervention

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After preaching and laboring the Gospel at my general locations, I was enroute to this Planned Parenthood. As I arrived I saw a former Pastor and His Church as they were just leaving. It was a nice reunion. A brother from my Church arrived, and we labored together. Since God gives grace to the humble, but He resists the proud, I applied that in our evangelism. Those that were proud, were met with strong rebukes and audible resistance, but in one particular incident, I believe was a ‘Divine intervention.’

 A young beautiful women ‘Jane Doe’ exited her vehicle and began to walk into PP, but apparently after watching and hearing God’s warnings, she ‘changed her mind,’ and approached us. Jane professed to be a “born again Christian,” and she ‘seemingly’ was repenting before our eyes. She allowed us to minister to her for over one hour (which is unusual at abortion mills). She heard both the Law and Gospel many times and was taught the meaning of Biblical repentance, and a Biblical soteriology (as she stated she had already “accepted Jesus” and was “baptized”). I am thankful for my partner because it would have been awkward being alone with her, as she talked much about her struggles with sexual temptation. Jane did ask me to turn-off my chest-mounted GoPro for a more “private conversation,” and so I did. I assured her I would not upload our previous conversation.

This is practicing the doctrine of interposition, interposing on behalf of her soul and the unborn.

As a Christian, I must not view the doctrine of interposition as a mere horizontal good work or accomplishment, as I am nothing but excrement in His hand. I do this vertically to imitate God and Christ. Whether it be how God interposed against David’s enemies in Psalm 144 or how Christ interposed for God’s elect in Isaiah 53. I do this to honor God and exalt Christ. And this is not done without preaching or sharing His glorious Gospel.

Disclaimer: Not everyone seen at an abortion clinic is there for an abortion.

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