Revelation chapter 11

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Revelation chapter 11 (a verse by verse exposition. The assassination of two witnesses & how this murder scene was similar to a murder in Fontana)
An outline:
The Nation Israel has returned to their land in unbelief
They had made a covenant with a sinister political leader
Their corrupt leader promised them protection & religious freedom
The Temple is rebuilt with an attempt of restoring their Mosaic tradition
John begins following his marching orders from chapter 10 to prophesy
Vs 1-6 are the ‘two prophetic witnesses’
Vs 7-10 the anti-Christ retaliates & ‘assassinates the two witnesses.’ And how this crime scene was similar to a murder I investigation in the City of Fontana five years ago.
Vs 11-14 the ‘two wits are resurrected,’ and the ‘great earthquake’
Vs 15-19 the ‘7th trumpet judgment sounds off.’

Revelation Chapter 11 - by Bill Rhetts     

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