Rosaria Butterfield brings her own man-centered aesthetics & philosophy into the church, while speaking terribly of many evangelists – Podcast Eps. 16 🛑

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This Podcast is specifically to ladies, as they might subject themselves to the teachings of Rosaria Butterfield.

In Video clip #1, Butterfield refers to Christians who evangelize homosexual events as “Sneaky little raids.” She also mocks them that say (or claim) Biblical truths such as “thus says the Lord,” and/or “the Word of God will not return void.”  She also mocks those that trust “His Word will not return void.”

In video clip #2, she seemingly downplays the “covenant of Christian marriage.” And she also wrongfully spoke of the importance of “breaking down walls that create isolation and loneliness” towards the homosexual community. 

In video clip #3, she practices “aesthetics,” and wrongfully teaches that you must “touch people to put their hand into the hand of the Saviour.” And she unbiblically claims “To share the Gospel with meaning, you have to be close enough to people to get hurt.”

She then engages in idolatry by putting man (or our hand) before God, as she states, “You cannot take the hand of the deceived, and put it in the hand of the Savior, without touching people.” That is not only unbiblical, but it is also anti-biblical blasphemy.

In video clip #4, she admits “I’m trained in systematic philosophy.”

This Podcast is my response to Butterfields above Q&A session. The unedited video can be seen here.

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