Scathing bold message on ‘Gods Judgment, Hell, and John 15,’ by Paul Washer

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Wow! Based on Washer’s introduction, I suspect the pastor forewarned him of problematic members in this church, before he gave this message. So many are told to ‘just believe’ but continue to live as they did before, all under the name of grace. We’re saved by grace, but what should happen next (if you’re saved)?

“I’ve been brought here to teach on how to be more Godly. To be more Christ-like… But I will say this, there are people here, who although would not say this with their mouth, with your life you demonstrate it. You care very little about these types of things… How much time do you spend about cultivating Godliness, about becoming more chase, more innocent, more Christ-like. How are you working and laboring towards a great assurance of your salvation? You see even now as I speak to you, you’ll put your heard down and not listen to a word I’m saying. I want you to know that to sit under the Word of God is an extremely dangerous thing. For the same sun that melts butter, hardens clay. Beware of sensuality. Beware of the things of this world. Beware of your own heart. Ask yourself, is there any evidence whatsoever that you’ve been born-again… There are some here today that and unconverted, and you will go to hell, you will.” Paul Washer

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