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Sermon jam ‘We need some hellfire preaching on repentance,’ by Leonard Ravenhill

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Most of my ‘mentors at-large’ have proceeded me in death, Ravenhill is one of them. What Ravenhill says Biblically, is what most pastors will not. Today too many pastors are creating false converts with their unbiblical postmodern “repeat this prayer”, or “slip up your hand” or “accept Jesus” if you want to go to heaven altar calls. That is why so many professing (alleged) Christians, are still acting like the rest of the unsaved world. As Ravenhill said, “I doubt that five percent of professing Christians in America are born-again!” That number is lower than I thought, but the Lord will surely sort them out.

I love the old definition of repentance that he quoted. “Repentance is to leave those things [sins] I’ve done before. And show that I in earnest grieve by doing it no more.”

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