Sermon Jams on the Book of Revelation

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A sermon jam is a video with an excerpt from a sermon, mixed with music in the background.

Revelation 22:16 Jesus is the Great ‘I AM,’ the Bright Morning the Star, the Root of David

Sermon jam on Revelation 22:17 Last call, but not for alcohol

Revelation 22:11 & 2nd Peter 3:8 (Why wait a year to take someone to a Christian Crusade)

Sermon Jam on Acts 20 24-27 (cross ref to Rev 22) Paul on preaching the whole council of God

Revelation 22:18-19 Adding or taking away from the Word of God, the Cults that did. How crime & porno has infiltrated the Bible publishing business

Revelation Chapter 21:8d (Is all sin equally the same as other sins? Can one sin be worse than other sins? Lets see what the Word says)

Revelation 20:14-15

Revelation Chapter 20:4b (The souls of those martyred, the millennium & Islam’s role in the end times)

Revelation Chapter 19:21 (the Sword of the Lord kills them)

Revelation Chapter 18:12-13

Revelation Chapter 18:4

Revelation Chapter 17:18 (sermon jam)

Revelation Chapter 16:10 (a sermon jam)

Revelation Chapter 15:2 (a sermon jam)

Revelation Chapter 13:3 (a sermon jam)

Revelation 12:2-3 (sermon jam)

Revelation 11:11
Revelation 11:5

Revelation Chapter 9:6 (sermon jam)
Revelation Chapter 8:1-2 (sermon jam)

Revelation Chapter 8:13 (sermon jam)

Revelation Chap 6

Revelation Chap 5

Revelation Chap 3:1-6