Spreading the word about a Greek speaking ministry for our Greek Orthodox communities, by Sonny Hernandez & Dr. Theodore Zachariades

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I’d like to help spread the word about this Greek speaking ministry to our Greek Orthodox communities.

The other day I was talking to Dr. Sonny Hernandez (Brother Sonny) about this new ministry that he and his pastor, Dr. Theodore Zachariades have begun. I guess Sonny forgot that it was me on the phone, as he kept speaking in fluent Greek. I had to interrupt him saying “Sonny, you’re talking to a stupid old white guy, slow down.” He laughed, and toned it down a few notches (actually more than a few). 😉

One of the many things that make their 1689 Confessional Church stand out from others, is they are very conservative, and they believe in an autonomy of the local church. Though they do have Biblical accountability. They have no external Rome-like hierarchy, nor an external establishment to be faithful to, nor reliant upon; except for Christ Whom is the head of the Church. With the recent rapid moral decline of the Southern Baptist Convention, every SBC is tainted with that leaven. So why wouldn’t a healthy local church want to remain autonomous?

And now a word from Sonny;

Today, my dear brother (Theodore Zachariades) and I have officially stated a Greek speaking ministry to the Greek Orthodox. We don’t have time to translate every word, but we will provide a synopsis for all of the videos that we record.

English Synopsis:

This introductory video is made by Sonny Hernandez and Theodore Zachariades. Here we introduce our ministry to the Greek Orthodox. Our aim is to evangelize them with the true Gospel. As one of their own, the Rev. Archimandrite Eusebius Stephanou, has stated that the Greek Orthodox, like the Roman Catholics, have been “sacramentalized but not evangelized.” As Evangelicals, we have a burden to reach Greek speaking people that have a false view of the Gospel. Sonny, a former Roman Catholic, reaches out in his first Greek speaking presentation urging listeners to repent and believe in the true Gospel of Christ’s righteousness that is imputed to His elect. He is dedicated to reaching Greeks in their own language. Theodore, as a former Greek Orthodox, introduces the ministry known as ROHWG (sounds like: rogue) Reforming Orthodox Hellenes With the Gospel. Succinctly, together, they issue a challenge that the good news of the Gospel is about God’s grace in Christ that leads to justification by faith alone. Salvation is not accomplished by works, rituals, rites, or ceremonies. Viewers are urged to repent and believe the true Gospel of sovereign grace.

If you know of anyone that is a Greek Orthodox, please share this video with them and let us know so that we may join you in praying for their salvation by the all-powerful Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Source: Reforming America Ministries Facebook page.

And now their introductory video.

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