The Psychological Manipulation of some “Invitation” Altar Calls, by Paul Washer

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On Nov 14th, 2012, I posted this on another blog: The date is important to notice. We are commanded to reexamine ourselves, but sometimes the Lord directs us to also reexamine our own personal testimonies:

It is not by coincidence that this video came to my desktop on today’s date (Nov 14th, 2012.) I can relate to this message, because I too was led to believe that I was saved thru an altar call as described in the below video.

In 1986, I walked forward in an altar call, at a large church in Riverside, Calif. I then repeated the pastors’ sinners prayer. I was then told that I was born-again, given a new believer’s package, and sent home.

However, five years later the Lord thru His amazing love – orchestrated a Divine intervention in my life.

He caused me on this day (November 14th, of 1991) to be forced into a bloody gun battle for my life. It was on this date at high noon, that I truly “called out” to the Lord Jesus to save me. To save me both physically, and spiritually (rather than just repeating the above aforementioned sinners prayer.)

I have come to realize, that I was not saved within that time period, between that 1986 altar call, and the November 14th 1991 church shootout. This means that had I died within that time frame, after being told that I was saved, I would have gone to hell for an eternity.

That is why the below message is so important to me. That is one of the reasons why I take the ministries that the Lord has given me so seriously and passionately.  My biggest regret is not being able to re-contact every person that I’ve led thru a similar sinners prayer, regretfully telling them that they were then saved (when in fact I did not know if they were.) 

God is not concerned about church growth (or numbers.) He’s concerned about salvation, and individual Christian growth. Are some saved at altar calls? Yes! But, as Billy Graham later admitted; probably only 5% of them. 


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