The three disciplines of preaching, by Dr. Johnny James (a must watch sermon excerpt)

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This is a 5-minute excerpt from Dr. James sermon entitled, ‘How to preach and help nobody.” Dr. Johnny James preached this message back in 2001, today he is 87 years old, and is still doing the Lord’s work. I retyped his opening comments below, it is Theologically brilliant.

“I want to preach about preaching. Now there are three disciplines under the umbrella of Theology that deal with preaching. These three disciplines are hermeneutics, homiletics, and apologetics. Hermeneutics is the science of preaching. Homiletics is the art of preaching, and apologetics is the proof of preaching. So a preacher should be hermeneutically accurate, homiletically natural, and apologetically convincing. In other words, the preacher should exegete the Scripture correctly, use their own natural style, convince the saints to straighten up, and fly right. And convince the sinner to come clean, or stay away dirty. That’s what preaching will do.” – Dr. Johnny James (aka The Walking Bible).

I appreciate that he said the preaching should “convince the sinner to come clean, or stay away dirty.” Today under the pretext of “evangelism,” a majority of churches are going out into the world, inviting the lost worldlings to their church, and then they claim that their church is “growing.” Consequently their ‘church’ becomes unhealthy, and more like the world, rather than more like the bride of Christ.

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