The year-end report of IPOC Ministries Contributions / expenditures for the year 2015

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It is important to inform you that we have no overhead and no payroll. Moreover NONE of the donations that we receive go to our own pockets or purses. Nor do any of ‘your’ donations go to our families’ personal needs i.e. housing costs, groceries, automotive repairs or service, school, vacations, recreation, etcetera etcetera.

I believe the most ethical principle that we can extend to our donors, and the general public. Is transparency and a disclosed accountability.

The below expenses do not include additional expenses that I pay for ‘out of my own pocket’ (from my part-time job). Such as the not mentioned additional gasoline costs, and other additional expenses.

Beginning balance                           $547.34 (carried over from 2014)

Income:                                               $3,259.42

Expenses:                                           See below

Automobile (gas):                            $595.55

Bank service charges:                     $186.00
Credit card merchant services      $311.94
Field supplies:                                   $651.31
Office supplies:                                 $239.89
Postage:                                              $216.00
Printing (tracts):                               $874.92
Travel & Meetings:

  • Dining $45.79
  • Parking $3.00

Total travel:                                        $48.79
Web site maintenance:                    $208.50
Total expenses:                                  $3,332.90

Net Ordinary Income:                    – $73.48

Other income (return/refund)     $104.76
Total Other Income:                       $104.76
Net Other Income:                          $104.76
Net Income:                                       $31.28

Year-end balance                             $578.62

This year by Gods grace an estimation of over 100,000 people heard the proclamation of the Gospel. Tens of thousands personally received Gospel tracts, and many responded to the Gospel call. Only the Lord knows the end results. As I’ve said before, Evangelism is not a ball game to see how many souls I can profess to win to Christ. Evangelism is a matter of eternal life, or eternal damnation. Only the Lord knows the heart, but in time we can examine the fruit.

Though I do not upload every video of every outreach. The hundreds of videos that I do publish is evidence that I am publicly proclaiming the Gospel (His ‘whole counsel’) in various ways.

Thank you so much for your prayer support and financial support. “You are either called to go down into the well, or hold the rope for those who go down. Either way, there will be scars on your hands” – HeartCry Missionary Society.

On this year’s last check the donor wrote in the memo box “Holding the rope!” I say a big amen to that.

I submit this report at 12:40PM, on the thirty first day of December, in the year 2015 of our Lord Jesus Christ.

To God be the glory!

Chaplain Bill Rhetts, MA


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