Video teachings of the Epistle of Jude, by Bill Rhetts

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In this expositional teaching of the Epistle of Jude, I do a verse by verse – exegetical teaching through the Scriptures. ~ Bill Rhetts

The Epistle of Jude (Intro & verses 1-2) 

Jude vs 3-4
A video teaching on ‘Contending for the Faith – Gods Way’ (Jude 1:3-4, plus two examples & a music finale).

What does it mean to Biblically ‘contend for the faith,’ and how do we do it? I also included two video excerpts of two different men preaching. One is a good Biblical example for contending for the faith, and the other a bad example (a local pastor). I also spoke about the masculinity crisis, and spiritually neutered men.

Jude vs 5-7
Naturally this sermon will be controversial to the worldlings, but unnaturally it will be controversial to postmodern emergent Christendom.

This sermon includes but is not limited to:

  • A reminder of the Israelites, and a grave warning (applicable to North America)
  • How God imprisoned angelic beings on a Theological death-row
  • How the Israelites and fallen angels rebelled against God
  • How God reminds us of the sexual sins of Sodom and Gomorrah, and the soon-coming eternal destruction and demise of those who practice these wicked sins
  • How many ‘professing’ Christians have sinfully embraced homosexuality
  • A video excerpt of a Muslim news anchor, rightfully criticizing Americas cowardly pseudō-Christianity
  • What it means to ‘believe’ Biblically
  • The Second Coming of Christ
  • The homosexual agenda (and how one of their movements desire little boys)
  • The demise of our U.S. Supreme Court Justices
  • An apostasy through tolerance
  • A call to examine ourselves
  • A call to repentance
  • A graphic description of hell.

Jude vs 8
In this study through Jude, this teaching includes the following (including but not limited to) ~

  • How myself and other Christians recently applied and demonstrated this Epistle at a parade
  • Warnings of the “dreamers”
  • Warnings of those that “defile the flesh”
  • Warnings of those that “reject authority”
  • Warnings of those that “blaspheme the glorious ones”
  • Different scholars different interpretations (no problem)
  • A video of some well-known and well followed Christians engaging in what appears to be what Jude warns about
  • More Greek translations and their applications
  • Church authority, and a lack of respect for her
  • Other authorities ordained by God
  • Egalitarianism and gender confusion within Christianity.

Jude vs 9-16
In this study through Jude, this teaching includes the following (including but not limited to) ~

  • Contending with the Devil?
  • Michael the archangel
  • The Woe warnings and judgments
  • Jude’s warnings of…
  • Jude’s character assassination of…
  • These men are animals, dead trees, clouds, and murders, Etc.
  • The dangers of the ocean / spiritual shipwrecks
  • Applying this Text.

Jude vs 17-23
In this study through Jude, this teaching includes the following (including but not limited to) ~

  • The predictions of the Apostles
  • The Jude-2 Peter ‘parallel passages’
  • Comparing law enforcements ‘escalation of force’ to verses 22-23
  • More on scoffers & mockers
  • The High school student that once mocked me
  • A command to be holy, to be separated from the world
  • Warnings of worldliness
  • False converts
  • Being balanced in Theology, by being both ‘negative & positive’
  • Being holy
  • Salvation via the Godhead
  • Gods Holy hatred, and what to hate
  • Abortion mills, XXX book stores & and strip clubs (snatching them out of the fire)
  • Getting our garments stained (the right way & wrong way)
  • Warnings of unbiblical evangelism
  • The enemies of God
  • A Biblical love, vs a demonic slope agapé.

Jude vs 24-25
In this study through Jude, this teaching includes the following (including but not limited to) ~

  • Jude’s Doxology, GREAT for encouraging Christians in hospice, or near to death
  • A Christians primary purpose (what God expects from us, yes even with my four Chihuahuas
  • Lots of Greek translations
  • The doctrines of predestination, justification & glorification
  • Warnings of Antinomianism
  • Christians are commanded to obey…
  • Warnings of acceptance Gospel (and unbiblical soteriologies)
  • The Lord on Repentance
  • A presentation of both the Law & Gospel.

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