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I already spend a great deal of time responding to questions asked in either YouTube comments, emails, or through various social media platforms. So why not respond to them like a radio show, or a TV program format. Henceforth, The Expositors Podcast.

So if you have any questions related to what the Bible says about a particular subject, ask me and Lord willing I will respond in a Podcast via our YouTube channel. Your questions can be about Theology, Doctrine, Christian worldviews on current events, controversial topics, Law Enforcement issues, and/or the Criminal Justice system (former CJ Instructor). And doing so while demonstrating apologetics * (1 Pet. 3:15), and polemics (2 Cor.10:5).

And sometimes I’ll discuss outdoors activities such as excursions, camping, fishing, off-roading, and RVing.

We can accomplish this in various ways.

You can either email, or U.S. mail your questions, or submit them via any of our other social media platforms. If you ask to remain anonymous, I will honor your request. After I read your question over the air (via a Podcast on YouTube), Lord willing, I will then provide the answer.

Eventually, for some of my shows, I will prerecord telephonic interviews of guests through my RØDECaster™ Pro integrated production system.

Perhaps later I will go live. Our web sites Podcast hashtag is here, the correct hashtag for social media is #TheExpositorsPodcast.

* Though I engage in apologetics, I do not consider myself an apologist, and I rarely upload my conversations evangelizing others. As I stated in another post, “Every born-again Christian is called to evangelize, but not every Christian is an evangelist (which I am). And the same goes with apologetics. Every Christian is called to engage in apologetics, but not every Christian is an apologist (which I am not).” Frankly I see too much boasting, pride, and man-centeredness amongst those who call themselves apologists; and God is a jealous God. Moreover, as Dr. Voddie Baucham said, “Is your apologetics calling God a liar?” Because the Gospel is the power of God onto salvation.