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Video open-air preaching ‘Put on Christ, put off sin,’ and what does ‘drunkenness’ mean – with responses from Romans 13:11-14

I am still ‘street’ preaching through the book of Romans. Thankfully through this message, the Lord provoked some responses, and inquiring minds. In this outreach I could have easily engaged in Theological malpractice, getting those “inquiring minds” to either “accept Jesus,” “repeat this prayer,” or make a “decision for Christ,” and then of course go

Video teaching on ‘The truth about the word “drunkard” in 1 Timothy 3:3 (ESV), what it means to be “given to wine,” & the many Elders that have disqualified themselves,’ by Bill Rhetts

A message about Elders for Elders, and then my 10-point criteria which is for all Christians. “Consider the tyranny of it. This inordinate lusting, it doth never rest satisfied; serve it once, it will call again and again; and if it be not followed to the end, resteth as much displeased as if it had