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Video witnessing to Sonya (a fruit of emergent churchianity)

This young lady is the byproduct of emergent pastors that unbiblically tell their congregation to “slip up your hand,” as they fraudulently declare them all born-again. Because there is nothing salvific about that, nor ‘believing’ according to the English definition of the word ‘believe.’ “If the professed convert distinctly and deliberately declares that he knows

Video preaching on CHRISTS ELECT at ‘Easter’ time, warned them of the Sinner’s Prayer, of Accepting Jesus, of Raise Your Hand Altar Calls, False Converts, & called them to Repentance

During this sermon I preached the Law and the Gospel. I warned them of unhealthy ‘churches,’ unbiblical soteriology; and false conversions. I informed them of how repentance comes to us, what we do with it; as well as a call to repentance. One fellow later responded to this message admitting that he was considering a

A 5-minute sermon jam on ‘Reality’ verses superstitious prayers, unbiblical sinners prayers, & unbiblical raise your hand if you want to go to heaven altar calls,’ by Paul Washer

Washer is correct regarding today’s man-centered ‘Christian’ music. That “salvation is a supernatural work of God.” That repeating your pastors “superstitious prayer” is unbiblical. As well as “raising your hand” in ‘church,’ to be saved. There’s a pastor here in Redlands that will tell thousands on a Sunday morning. “If you want to go to

Video warning the masses of easy believism (an excerpt)

“Evangelism is not a ball game to see how many souls I can profess to win to Christ. Evangelism is a matter of eternal life, or eternal damnation. Only the Lord knows the heart, but in time we can examine the fruit.” ~ IPOC Ministries “The nature of Christ’s salvation is woefully misrepresented by the

My report on a 1-week counter-terrorism open-air campaign, in response to International Terrorist Jihads here in San Bernardino and Redlands, California (lots of videos – Gospel-centric – Christ-centric)

Ever since the two Muslim Jihadists Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik, et.al. devastated our community, I’ve been responding with the Sword of the Lord. I have infiltrated several of these locations by penetrating them with the Gospel, utilizing multiple methods of evangelism. I have chosen to not upload a lot of the video footage, specifically some

Video of three responding to the Gospel while preaching at a Bus Depot – Present were the Passengers – the Paroles – the Police – and the Preacher (Soteriology explained)

Three people from diverse backgrounds responded to the Gospel call at this bus depot. Note that I did not preach easy believism, I actually preached and warned against it. To God be the glory. After I saturated this place with tracts, the police arrived and began searching people. I decided to place the officers in