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Video of a Homeless lady saying she is Christ

I delete most of my ‘one on ones,’ but I thought this one was interesting enough to upload. This intersection is located between the two locations that I preach at in the mornings. Therefore sometimes I evangelize the pedestrians. The pedestrians vary from gang members, to prostitutes, to drug users, drug buyers and sellers, to

The video of Rachael Denhollander giving her victim impact statement, at the sentence hearing of Dr. Larry Nassar, whereas she shares the Gospel with Nassar, et.al.

On Wednesday, January 24th, 2018, victim Rachael Denhollander gave this articulate ‘victim impact statement’ at the sentence hearing of defendant Larry Nassar. During this phase of the trial, over 100 victims gave impact statements, but Denhollander’s stands out. Why? Because she shared the Gospel with her perpetrator. She warned him of God’s judgement and wrath,