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The State of the Church in America, this Saturday Night

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Join us this Saturday night! After some praise and worship, I’ll be teaching through Revelation 2: 12-29.

Applicable to the Scriptures, I’ll also be talking about how the church in America has become just like the churches of Pergamum and Thyatira.

Brothers and sisters, we can’t just shift the blame on politicians and politics. Not too many churches are willing to admit that the church of America is part of the problem.

Then, what was the biggest contributing factor to America’s moral and social decline starting in the nineteen sixties? We’ll one of the correct answers is ‘sin.’ However it started at the pulpit. Find out exactly what, why and when Saturday night at 6:00PM. – Bill Rhetts

Update: Here is the audio from my above message. Jesus’ letter to the church of Pergamum & how it applies to America. Then some breaking news about the ‘Separation of the Church and State.’ 

Revelation Chapter 2: 12-17 - by Bill Rhetts     
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