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Below is a verse by verse, precept by precept, expository teaching thru the entire book of Proverbs. Taught by Bible Expositor Bill Rhetts

Proverbs Chap 1 / A brief intro, the preamble, shunning evil, the call to wisdom, fearing the Lord

Proverbs Chapter 1 - by Bill Rhetts     
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Proverbs Chap 2 / the value of wisdom and how we must actively pursue, strive for, and ‘workout’ for. It does not come automatically nor easily.

Proverbs Chapter 2 - by Bill Rhetts     

Proverbs Chap 3 / Trusting in the Lord, our possessions, tithing in the NT, and/or the churches that need to cut back. Our neighbors, and how two verses relate to the OJ Simpson case, and Whitney Houston’s pastor. 

Proverbs Chapter 3 - by Bill Rhetts     

Proverbs Chap 4 /  Security in wisdom, a fathers wisdom, avoiding wickedness, sound doctrine; and how a heroic policeman was shot multiple times. However, he didn’t die from his gunshots wounds; he later died as a direct result of one of these 27 verses. 

Proverbs Chapter 4 - by Bill Rhetts     
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Proverbs Chap 5 / From the perils of adultery, the immoral women & how she kills. From Botox lips, SDT’s, HIV, to how the government lies re sex & AIDs. Then ungodly sex vs Divine Godly sex. 

Proverbs Chapter 5     

Proverbs Chap 6 / Warnings of sureties & pledges, the folly of indolence & lazy men. Being a bond slave to the State (and welfare,) vs being a bond slave to Christ. How Satan loves socialism. The wisdom & ethics of the ant compared to some men. The seven things the Lord hates. The fatal consequences of adultery. Discord sowers, vs the time when division in the church can be good. 

Proverbs Chapter 6 - by Bill Rhetts     
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Proverbs Chap 7 / Respect Gods Law as our Biblical Kin. The harlot women returns with her Spiderwoman’s web. How a Facebook friend similarly operated. How Calvary Chapel Pastor Raul Ries dealt with scantily dressed women in his church. The beauty of the modest woman, vs the loud rebellious women.  And the Biblical prosperity Gospel. 

Proverbs Chapter 7 - by Bill Rhetts     

Proverbs Chap 8 /  Lady wisdom takes the high ground  & tactical advantage. Hating evil & sin Gods way, princes & and political leaders. loving Christ more than country, and our roles & duties. 

Proverbs Chapter 8 - by Bill Rhetts     

Proverbs Chaps 9&10 /  Lady wisdoms banquet, avoiding foolish women, the wisdom in not drinking alcohol vs drinking, the wisdom in not abusing our liberties in Christ, the women of folly, the house of honor vs the house of horrors and death, and being a ‘prepper’ is Biblical. 

Proverbs Chapters 9 & 10 - by Bill Rhetts     

Proverbs Chaps 11 / Honesty, ethics, perversity, judging, modesty, bad government, a video, a call to repentance & then communion. A link to a blog post with video click here.  

Proverbs Chapter 11 - by Bill Rhetts     

Proverbs Chaps 12 /  King Solomon warns about “stupid” people. Being a good steward with resources,  Gods way of loving our animals / pets. You catch’em, you clean’em and a whole lot more. 

Proverbs Chapter 12 - by Bill Rhetts     

Proverbs Chaps 13 & 14 / How vs 2 relates to Lt Col Dave Grossman’s ‘Killology,’ the Word of God is to die for, being a Puritan rather than emergent or contemporary, backsliders and more. 

Proverbs Chapters 13&14 - by Bill Rhetts     
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Proverbs Chaps 15 & 16 / Lip service, sharing God’s wisdom and Word, wolves in the church, what a true Biblical love is not, gifts of the Spirit How Prov 16:27 relates to the lying atheist police officer. But how God answered my ‘Imprecatory prayer’ over that cop. 

Proverbs Chapter 15&16 - by Bill Rhetts     

Proverbs Chaps 17 & 18 /

Proverbs Chapter 17&18 - by Bill Rhetts     

Proverbs Chaps 19 & 20 / Biblical Christian integrity, integrity in Doctrine, how one verse is relevant to a botched LAPD high profile murder trial, bidding & boasting work contracts, and a whole lot more 

Proverbs Chapters 19 & 20 - by Bill Rhetts     

Proverbs Chaps 21 & 22 / Training up our child, and adults Christians that are still on the nipple. The most Biblical teaching methodology, a call to arms/action, pursuing righteousness, preparing for battle & more 

Proverbs Chapters 21 & 22 - by Bill Rhetts     

Proverbs Chaps 23 & 24 / Tests of our character, Solomon’s most unusual way to use a dinner knife, defending the defenseless (despite of Obama’s healthcare,) defending the truth, more on the evils & ills of alcohol (and how He helped me transition from it,) the approval of the continuing compromise & carnality in the church, Gods original plan was organic, the sin of eating too much & much more, 

Proverbs Chapters 23 & 24 - by Bill Rhetts     
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Proverbs chapter 25/ Gods v kings, the dross in men, ministry in the flesh vs the Spirit, resolving dispute & debates, getting too close to your neighbors, when singing happily can hurt another, how the world loves compromising believers, building protective walls around ourselves.

Proverbs Chapter 25 - by Bill Rhetts     

Proverbs chapters 26 & 27 / How one verse can apply to the actions of ‘heroic U.S. Marine, now a So Cal pastor,’ the fool returns on the scene, the warnings of trusting “nice guys,” the warnings of an ‘unbiblical love,’ & the marks of a ‘good Shepard’ & a healthy church. 

Proverbs Chapters 26 & 27 - by Bill Rhetts     

Proverbs chapter 28 / Harboring fugitives, applying the OT death penalty to a modern day woman, and her last meal. The American police officers killed by a jihadist, and how a former GOP presidential candidate has this homicide blood on his hands. The sin of gluttony, evil men do not understand justice. When, how and why our prayers do not reach God, and much more.

Proverbs Chapter 28 - by Bill Rhetts     
Our blog post here, with sermon jams.

Proverbs chapters 29 & 30 / Rebuking heretics, their demise & the story of a heretic that would not repent. Scoffers and how children can become a societal problem, being a man-pleaser vs a God-pleaser, the four evils that eat our society away. How a verse applies to a former Governor & our President. What about those blood sucking daughters, & why I wasn’t too far off calling this ‘entitlement culture’ “ticks,” and much more.

Proverbs Chapters 29 & 30 - by Bill Rhetts     
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Proverbs chapter 31 / The words and advice of King Lemuel’s mother, more warnings of the ‘ills of alcohol,’ more on justice, what a virtuous wife or is not, what a virtuous wife is.  

Proverbs Chapter 31 - by Bill Rhetts