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Beautiful Snake leaving our homestead

As I left our property, I saw this beautiful snake slithering across our gravel driveway. By the time I grabbed the cellphone camera, it was basking on the warmth of the asphalt. This is the time of the year when it’s warm enough for snakes to be seen – a lot. But since it’s not

Removing, burning & replacing my Confederate flag

In this video I take down my worn and torn Confederate flag, properly dispose of it in a flag burning ceremony. And then raise my new 5×8 purchased from Cooters in Nashville. “The State that separates its scholars from its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards and its fighting done by fools!” –

Our Propane Tank sunk to its belly – a remedy

The snowstorm caused our propane tank to sink to its belly. Though my remedy might be an overkill, the problem is solved. I raised her up, filled the holes with gravel, and placed 1″ thick steel plates under its legs. Don’t tell anybody, but I actually washed the tank😂 Isn’t she pretty? In a few

Upgrading fireplace to a Skytech 5301 LCD

We’ve always had a wood-burning fireplace. But this Tennessee home is our first propane gas fireplace. We’ve grown to like it better. And now that I’ve upgraded our original Skytech system to a Sky-5301 LCD remote, we are ready to roll come winter. And now along with the on/off option, we can set the thermostat,

Venomous Eastern Copperhead snake

This immediate area is highly populated with snakes. I saw this venomous Copperhead about 50’ from where I spotted this Water Moccasin. I don’t always have a camera, or when I do, the snakes slither away before I get a shot. In this encounter, I was tasked with handling my snake tongs in one hand,

Our Donkey busted my lip, so we played like boys

As we drove down the driveway our Donkey was overly excited to see us. So I parked, then played with Jackson before we went inside. In his rambunctious display of love and affection, he accidentally busted the inside of my lip. That’s when my wife hit record. Jackson loves it when I play with him.

Vulture mortally wounds large snake

While driving I saw a large Vulture attacking a large snake. By the time I approached the snake, he was expiring. We’re new in the South, so I am still learning Tennessee Snakes. I believe this is a Gray Rat Snake or one from the Water Snake family? Please let us know in the comments.

Choking a snake out of a Chickens mouth

I guess a man is never too old to enjoy life like a boy. While inside the house, I saw some of our chickens chasing a hen that had something hanging from her mouth. I wasn’t wearing my eyeglasses, so it was too blurry to discern right away. It’s a Red Bellied Snake, aka Storeria

A comprehensive crawl space repair & renovation underneath our home

Though I’ve enjoyed sharing our progress as we build and move towards being more self-sustainable. But this unexpected cost did not fit into our budget or the criteria of that goal plan, and it set us back in other areas. Nonetheless, it was an important project. When we purchased our home, the inspector for escrow purposes

The Freezing Rain phenomenon, resisting the establishment

One way professing Christians can examine themselves is how their attitude responds to the weather. In California, many grown men whined when it was “too hot.” And then they grumbled when it was “too cold.” Now in Tennessee, I’m experiencing this Freezing Rain phenomenon, but thankfully I hear less complaining. I guess some of the