A PROFESSING “devout Christian” rapper was arrested for allegedly raping a quadriplegic in a vegetative state (her babies DNA shows him as the father)

According to this news source, another ‘professing’ Christian was arrested for serious sex crimes. The liberal media loves these stories, because this provides them an opportunity to exploit or slander a professing Christianity in a negative way. My intent here is not to help the liberal media further exploit Christianity, but to counter these stories

The Sword shall be satiated with your blood (open-air preaching)

Some people in line did not want to hear the preaching, but some professing Christians were encouraged. After this sermon the Lord provided opportunities for conversations and prayer requests. The Puritans often preached from the book of Jeremiah, hence came their nickname the “Jeramiahans.” Therefore I have been street preaching from the book of Jeremiah.

My analysis of the video ‘Repentance is not, I repeat, NOT a work,’ by Todd Friel (and do Cops ever reward citizens?)

I agree with Todd’s view on repentance in the below video. As I’ve said before “For there is no salvation without repentance. Repentance is not the ’cause’ of salvation, repentance is ‘because’ of salvation.” But the carnal, sensual, sinful, or worldly man will wrongfully call repentance a “works salvation.” Nonetheless, where Todd missed the mark

A video presentation of The Gospel in Greek, by Dr. Theodore Zachariades / Το Ευαγγέλιο (Θεόδωρος Ζαχαριαδης, Δρ. Θεολογίας)

While doing some ministry work in Tennessee, I’ve had the privilege of meeting Dr. Theodore Zachariades. He is Pastor of Sovereign Grace Baptist Church in Tullahoma TN, and Co-Director of Reforming America Ministries. Hey, I aren’t event got my English down yet, let alone my Greek. Perhaps it’s appropriate to call my brothers Theodore Zachariades

Clint Eastwood critiques “Christian music” (a satire video)

This is pretty clever. If Clint was saved, I’m sure he’d say the same thing. Truth is today’s man-centered “Christian music” has feminized and romanticized Jesus. But I really need to quit using that phrase “Christian music.” Because it’s an unbiblical oxymoron. Christ’s atonement was for sinners, not for a music genre. Therefore only a