Dramatic video of Georgia police officers administering CPR, applying an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), and injecting Narcan into a man that overdosed on opioids

Sadly we live in an era where many people will only post videos of police officers caught on camera while engaging in questionable predicaments (while never knowing the full context, or all the facts). But here’s one that deems these fine police officers as ‘heroes.’ Albeit this was difficult for me to watch. Because just

Faith and Repentance: Which Comes First?, by Dr. Sinclair Buchanan Ferguson

It might be reasonable to say that public Heralds are the most criticized portion of the Lord’s Church, and sadly it frequently comes from professing Christians. The area that I am most criticized for by professing Christians, is that I often preach repentance. Professing Christians that are opponents of preaching repentance, will even wrongfully call