A Sermon on Isaiah 6:1-4 Prolific, Powerful & Prophetic

The sermon notes to this sermon, can be found below the embedded video. During the early church the book of Isaiah was known as the “fifth Gospel.” I could imagine how the Apostles used this book as their “gospel,” and how they lived out this message in their ministry. Though I’m not teaching thru the

Video of ‘The hellbound Gangster killed by a hellbound Cop’

A street preacher said on social media that we shouldn’t give our testimonies, “because nobody cares!” So I decided to give my testimony. I used that bloody crime scene, to point them to the bloody cross. One man’s attitude did a 180, after speaking with me later (perhaps repentance). And as I was leaving, many

Video preaching ‘Are you the “rotten figs” that God detests?’ 1 woman kept correcting me, others listened, some rejoiced

The Puritans often preached from the book of Jeremiah, hence came their nickname the “Jeramiahans.” Therefore I have been street preaching from the book of Jeremiah. This morning I preached from chapter 29:17-19. One woman kept correcting me. But her unbiblical statements that Christ’s love, and/or atonement was for “everybody that wants to accept Him”

Video of Brother Ronnie warning a ‘professing’ Christian woman that mocks his message, dresses like a prostitute, demonstrates an unbiblical “love,” all the while clinging onto her booze

At the turn of this Century I noticed an increase of pseudō churches, where their pastors fostered an environment of beer, hymns, and tattoos – at “church” (I regret my tattoos from decades ago.) But now they’ve even progressed to tattoo fundraisers at “church.” Perhaps this young woman attends one of them? This woman demonstrates the

Be a Servant in the Church, Not a Consumer, by Clint Leiter

I benefit from subscribing to I’ll Be Honest’s YouTube channel, and I am thankful for that. The various churches associated with I’ll Be Honest are consistently demonstrating many healthy attributes, and lots of good fruit. And yes, using your own congregation’s gifts, is one of them (except here, this church is using a guest speaking