Does God have a wonderful plan for your life?

According to His will He does. For some His plan is salvation, for others His plan is to cast them into the lake of fire, which will be their second death. Question is, which plan will you experience? The news story that I spoke of, can be seen here.

Preached ‘Does God ordain earthquakes?’

After preaching this message, I had some great conversations and questions. The conversation with the “combat vet” was edited out. Thankfully he won’t have to carry those heavy burdens anymore. Thank You Lord for that opportunity. Doxology by Angie Lewis. 

Vice President Mike Pence, a professing Christian, endorses, praises, and swears-in homosexual Richard Grenell as a U.S. Ambassador to Germany, as his homosexual “partner” holds the Bible

First and foremost, I am thankful for the right decisions that Trump and Pence have made. However this brings a reproach to Christ, hence it needs to be called-out publicly. During their 2016 Presidential campaign, it was clear that Trump was an advocate for the homosexual agenda. He also stated that he had no need