Inviting the unsaved to church is unbiblical, by Dr. Adrian Rogers

When I was a baby Christian the late Dr. Adrian Rogers was one of my favorites (though not anymore). Here he tells Christians that inviting the unsaved to our church is unbiblical. That is why so many buildings that we wrongfully call “church” are full of false converts. Henceforth making Christianity look just like the

Sonny Hernandez does an analysis of James White’s unbiblical partnerships with heretics, and Muslim cleric

In this video Sonny Hernandez provides us with an accurate analysis of James White’s growing trend of becoming a “great compromiser,” along with his unbiblical ecumenical apologetics. I especially appreciate the way Hernandez discerned the screenshot of Whites endorsement of Michael Brown. Whites ‘check the box’ approval of Brown was irresponsibly inaccurate. As Charles H.

Video pleading to cult members as they flee the preachers court

Though Christians are commanded to preach the glorious Gospel, we also have a duty to oppose false teachings. We’re not called to make friends with the world, nor fellowship with them, nor invite them to “church.” We’re commanded to warn them, and sometimes you will push them away, because they are already dead in their