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Tag: Warnings of false doctrine

C.S. Lewis Barbeque – an Acts 19:19 book burning🔥

The most likely threat to our churches is not an active shooter. It’s allowing wolves in sheep’s clothing and/or their books to infiltrate our churches. And I say that as a man who has engaged active shooters in a shootout at a church. “The State that separates its scholars from its warriors will have its

C.S. Lewis – Mere Heresy, by Reformation Media

Reformation Media exposes more heresies of C.S. Lewis. They reminded us “Christ warned about false teachers (Matt. 7:13), but hirelings will not (John 10:13) because they don’t care about the sheep.” They also play video clips of false teachers John Piper and Tim Keller endorsing and promoting Lewis. As I said before. The most likely

Don’t believe the lie that men and women are equal

This meme is not politically correct, but it is Biblically correct. Don’t believe the lie that men and women are equal. Albeit the secular courts and EEOC may say we’re equal, that’s not Biblical. Though men are not better than women, and yes, we are created equal in God’s image, we are unequally different. Including

C.S. Lewis – his ecumenicalism, religious pluralism, false teachings and heresies

By God’s providence on this Lord’s Sabbath Day, this newly published video popped up on my Facebook feed.  This video exposes some of the ecumenicalism, religious pluralism, false teachings, and heresies of C.S. Lewis. The Lord saved me out of Rome, and I don’t want to look back. However, it would be better to refer to the “catholic church” (as he calls it), Roman

The Superbowl “He Gets Us” ad is blasphemy

Though I did not watch the Superbowl game and have not watched one in decades. I woke up this morning to see my social media platforms lit up about one of the Superbowl ads – He Gets Us.  The ad is a photo collage (artwork) of people washing others’ feet. Their agenda is to teach their views

Alistair Begg is a malicious backslider, as he slanders his opponents, inferring they’re closet homosexuals and Pharisees

The disgraced Alistair Begg wrongfully pulls the “Pharisee” card if you speak against his unbiblical position on attending “gay weddings” or against immorality. And, he sinfully claims those who do are probably closet homosexuals or sexually immoral. Perhaps this egregious false teacher-backslider is now doing the work of the Devil as he maliciously slanders those

John Piper & Alister Begg preaching at 2024 Shepherds Conference?

With the understandable controversy over Alister Begg preaching at the 2024 Shepherds Conference (more about that here), I decided to look at their speaker lineup. Egalitarianism  According to the below video, John Piper is an egalitarian. Though the Scriptures forbid a woman to teach, preach, or demonstrate authority over men, and to remain silent in the

The Hebrew Bible is not canonized Scripture

Disclaimer: This is not an article or a formal position paper. It is merely a blog post to informally share my position on this subject. Many years ago, I belonged to a church that I loved dearly. But what destroyed that church were the following two effects. 1. The pastor and a majority of the